Yellow Sea Ecoregion: Reconnaissance Report on Identification of Important Wetland and Marine Areas for Biodiversity Conservation Volume 1: China

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Author: Edited by Yuan Jun et al.
Language: English
Published on: 2001-01


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Geophysical Environment and Key Ecological Processes
2.1Geophysical Enviroment
2.2Hydrological Characteristics
2.4Coastline and Islands
2.5Main River Mouths Coastwise Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea
2.6Major bays along the Yellow Sea Coast and Bohai Sea Coast
2.7Wetland areas at the coastal area of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea
Chapter 3: Biodiversity Resources
3.2Sea mammals
3.3Sea turtles
3.5Sub-tidal benthic invertebrates
3.6Intertidal organisms
3.7Nekton (cephalopoda and crustacean)
3.8Coastal mashes
3.9Sea grass bed
3.10Social-economic values of fishery resources
Chapter 4 Human Pressures on Biodiversity Conservation
4.1General indicators of pressures from economic development
4.2Conversion of coastal wetlands
4.3Environmental pollution
4.4Other human pressures
Chapter 5 Status Quo of Biodiversity conservation
5.1Policy and legislation on maritime nature conservation
5.2Management of marine and coastal wetlands
5.3The system of coastal nature reserves

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