A Collection of Historical Archives of Tibet


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Author: Compiled by the Archives of the Tibet Autonomous Region
Language: Chinese, English and Tibetan trilingual
Published on: 1995-01


This book contains more than 100 documents written in Tibetan, Mongolian , Chinese and Manchu which come from archives dating to the period between 1277 and 1956. Most are in the Archives of the Tibet Autonomous Region and have never before been made public . Those published here represent just a small part of the archives of Tibetan history, but they are a faithful record of human history and capable of adequately verifying the fact that Tibet is a part of China’s territory.

【Main Contents】

Explanatory Notes
Yuan Dynasty Archives
1. Edict Issued to L harje Senggedpal by Emperor Sechen
2. Edict Issued to the Monks of the Riboche Monastery by Emperor Yesun Themur
3. Edict Issued to the Monks of the Krashisdan Monastery by Emperor Yesun Themur
4. Edict Issued by Emperor Yesun Themur to Vodzer gyaltshan
Ming Dynasty Archives
23. Edict Issued to Hrogskunrgyal by Emperor Hongwu
24. Letter to Lama Karmaba from Emperor Yongle
25. Edict Issued to Lhatshangkyab by Emperor Yongle
Qing Dynasty Archives
34. Emperor Shunzhi’s Decree to Living Buddha Panchen
35. Emperor Shunzhi’s Decree to the Dalai Lama
36. Emperor Kanxi’s Decree Conferring Title on the 5th Living Buddha Panchen
Archives from the Period of the Republic of China
80. Decree from the Provisional President of the Republic of China Granting Approval for the Establishment of the Mongolian and Tibetan Committee for Unified Political Reform
81. Letter from Chiang Chung—cheng (Chiang Kai—shek)to the Dalai Lama
82. Decree Commending the Dalai Lama from the National Government
Archives from the Period Following the Founding of the People’s Republic of China
97. Instructions Concerning the Peace Talks Issued by the Dalai Lama to the Acting Regents
98. Notice from the People’s Liberation Committee of Qamdo Prefecture of the People’s Republic of China
99. Proclamation of the Southwest Military and Administrative Commission and the Southwest Military Area of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army

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