A Collection of Studies on Archaeology (3), Archaeology Series, Peking University

考古学研究 (三) 北京大学考古学丛书

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Author: Beijing Daxue Kaoguxi
Language: Chinese
ISBN/ISSN: 7030059662
Published on: 1996-01



A Comparison of Paleolithic Industries in South China with those in Southeast Asia by Wang Youping
Discovery and Study of the Early Chinese Neolithic and Reseaches on Related Problems by Zhao Chaohong
On the Beizhuang Type by Zhang Jiangkai
The Field Survey Method of the Sites at Shijiahe by Zhao Hui
A Study of Large-sized Tombs in the Liangzhu Cutlure by Zhang Chi
On the Archaeological Culture of the Longshan Period in Southeast Henan by Han Jianye
Some Problems of the Sanxingdui Culture by Li Boqian
On the Dongjiatai type and problems it concerns by Li Shuicheng
On the Oracle Bone Inscription by Ge Yinghui
A Synthetical Study of the Dated Bronze Mirrors of the Western Shu Unearthed from Guanghan by Zhao Huacheng
Yuan Yi and Yuan Cha Epitaphs and Factious Politics of Emperor Xiaomingdi's Court, Northern Wei by Su Zhe
Typology and Periodization of the Tang Grottoes on Mt. Sumeru by Lin Wei
On the Dating and Decorative Jun Yao Porcelain, Also on the Date of Jun Tai Yao Ware by Li Minju
On the Dharmaguptas in China by Lin Meicun
Excavations of the Neolithic Sites at Beihezi, Longle by Archaeolical Tea of Peking University and Guyuan Museum
Excavations of the Site at Haishengbulang, Togtoh County, Inner Mongolia
Surveys and Trial Excavations in Houqiu, Liu'an and Shouxian, Anhui Province by Anhui Provincial Archaeological Team
Excavations of the Sites at Jiuzhan, Heshui, Gansu by Wang Zhankui
On the Perfection and Development of the Three-Deparment System at Museums by Song Xiangguang
A Brief Biography of Prof. Yan Wenru by Ma Shicang and Xi Ziqiang

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