An Illustrated Monograph of Varieties of Tung Oil Trees in China


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Author: Linglushan Hefang Fangjiaxing
Language: Chinese
ISBN/ISSN: 750380775X
Published on: 1993-01

This book is a monograph on the study of Chinese Tung oil Tree. The varieties which collected are complete, and a rigorous and accurate description varieties is given. 151 cultivated varieties of Tung oil tree[vernicia fordii(Hesml)Airy-Shaw]and Wood Oil Tree[v.montana(wils)Lour.]have been collected from 700counties of 15provinces in the south of China. A brief description and evaluation on the characteristics of botany, biology, ecogeographical distribution economic status and cultures have been made,and there are colour picture for each variety in the book
The book is not only an important reference book for education and scientific research but also a practical handbook for production. The way of variety classification and cultivated division can be used for reference for species of economic forest, fruit tree and other economic crops.

Fore word
General Review
Respective Review
ⅠTung Oil Tree[Vernicia fordil(hemsl)Airy-shaw]
A.Damitong Group
B.Xiaomitong Group
C.Duiniantong Group
D.Chaitong Group
E.Zhaiguantong Group
F.Zuotong Group
G.Shibingtong Group
Ⅱ Wood oil tree[v.montana(wils)Lour.]
A.Cyne-botryoid Group
B.Corymbose Cyne Group
C.Cymo-botry Group

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