Boao Forum for Asia Development of Emerging Ecomo


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Author: Guijun-Lin
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787566312853
Published on: 2015-03


Chapter 1 Overview 
1.1 Economic Situations in 2014 
1.2 Develpment Prospects 
Chapter 2 Economic Growth 
2.1 A Relatively Good Economic Development Momentum 
2.2 Strengthened Internal Factors 
2.3 A Cautiously Optimistic Economic Growth Outlook 
Chapter 3 Employment and Income 
3.1 Non—optimistic Employment Situations 
3.2 Still a Notable Income Gap 
3.3 Increasingly Sophisticated Social Policy 
Chapter 4 Domestic Price,Monetary Policy and International Price 
4.1 Easing Inflationary Pressure 
4.2 Relatively Loose Monetary Policy 
4.3 Falling Bulk Commodities Prices 
4.4 Expanding Stock Markets in Major Economies 
Chapter 5 Debts 
5.1 Public Debt Levels Are Appropriate 
5.2 Limited Abilitiesin Foreign Debt Repayment 
5.3 Rising Risks of Banking Systems 
5.4 China’s Risk of Debt Is Controllable 
Chapter 6 Trade and Investment 
6.1 Weak Foreign Trade Growth 
6.2 Current Account Balance Improved 
6.3 Improving Direct Investment 
Chapter 7 Economic Cooperation 
7.1 Good Internal Cooperation Momentum 
7.2 Coexisting Positive and Negative Signs of Foreign Cooperation 
Chapter 8 Country Report 
8.1 Argentina 
8.3 China 
8.4 India 
8.5 Indonesia 
8.9 Saudi Arabia 
8.10 South Africa 

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