IEEE 2005 International Symposium on Microwave, Antenna, Propagation and EMC Technologies for Wireless Communications Proceedings(2 Volume Set)

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Author: Linchang Zhang & Yinghong Wen
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 0780391284
Published on: 2005-01

Keynote Address
Recent Trend in Technologies Developments for Wireless Communications IEEE 2005 International Symposium on Mivrowave Antenna , Propagation and EMC Technologies for Wireless Communications ( MAPE 2005)
Metamaterial Properties , Design and Antenna Applications
Towards the Era of Ubiquitous Networks
Antenna and Propagation
2-D DOA Estimation in the Presence of Gaussian Noise With Quaternion
A Cross – Entropy Based Parameter for Ship Detection from a Polarimetric SAR Image
A design of new Twin TEM Cells
A Design of Wideband Compound conical Monopole Antenna
A High Sensitive Active Integrahted Microstrip Probe-fed Antenna for 2.4GHz Receivers
EMC and Related Topics
3-Dimensions Analytical Modeling of the Optical Carriers Injection in a Semiconductor Substrate
8mm Band FM Fixed – distance Radar
A 3-D Impedance Method to Compute Current Induced in Human Body Exposed to Power Lines
Accurate Geometrical Analysis of Sector Dwell Time Distribution
A FAFFA-FIPWA Algorithm for Two-Dimensional Electromagnetic Scattering Problem
Electromagnetic Wave Theory
A Blind Source Separation Algorithm Based on a Unifying Model
A Closed Form Analytical Formulation for the Coupling of an External Electromagnetic Wave with A Microstrip Line
A Method for Recognition of Spectrum Peaks in 2-D MUSIC Algorithm
A New Adaptive Equalization Technology in Time-varying Multipath Channel
A New Method for Estimation of Gain and Phase Unvertainty of an Electromagnetic Vector Sensor
Microwave Electronics
Microelectronic Devices, Circuits and Systems for Wireless Applications 10 Gb/s CMOS Limiting Amplifier for Optical Transmission Systems
A Low-Voltage RF Amplifier Using Parallel Triode MOSFET Linearizing
A Modularization Design of Microwave Elec – trode in Electro – Optic Modulators
A New Predistorter Based on Memory Polynomials and LUT
A Novel HBT Parameter Extraction Routine Based on HICUM
Signal Processing, Coding or Waveforms
A Calibration Algorithm for Gain and Phase Errors of Array Sensors Based on a Single Nonlinear Constraint
A Class of Turbo-Like LDPC Codes and Their Decoding based on Neural Network
A Cyclic-Cumulant Based Method for DS-SS Signal Detection and Parameter Estimation
A Digital Audio Watermark Embedding Algorithm with WT and CCT
A Direct Sequence Spread-Wavelet Modulation Method
Systems and Services
A Centralized Power Allocation Algorithm for TDD CDMA System with Smart Antenna in a Multi-Cellular Enviroment
A Contention Resolution Scheme by Using Fiber Delay Lines for Optical Burst
A Differentiated Path Availability Protection Approach in WDM Rings

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