Electronic Commerce:A Perspective from China


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Author: Yang Jianzheng
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787542936875
Published on: 2013-01
Soft Cover

 This book is devoted to the situation of E-commerce development, theory and practice in China. As we enter the 21st century, we experience a significant change in our lives --the move to an Internet-based society. Electronic commerce (E-commerce), as one ofthe most important applications of Internet, plays an increasingly important role in theemerging market. 

Chapter 1  Introduction to E-commerce   1.1  E-commerce Development: Past, Present and Future   1.2  Concept and Classification of E-commerce   1.3  Basic Program Pattern of E-commerce   1.4  Legal Relationship of Participants in E-commerce   1.5  impact and Role of E-commerce in the Modern Economy   ReferencesChapter 2  Development Strategy of E-commerce   2.1  The Reason of Researching Development Strategy of E-commerce   2.2  The Environment of E-commerce Development   2.3  Government Development Strategy of E-commerce   2.4  E-commerce Strategy of Enterprise   2.5  The Development Strategy of Paperless Trading   ReferencesChapter 3  E-commerce Technology Foundation   3.1  The Conception and Composition of Internet   3 2  Common Internet Service   3 3  TCP/IP   3 4  Application and Management of Domain Name   ReferencesChapter 4  E-commerce Website Construction   4 1  The General Design   4 2  Software and Hardware for Website Design   4 3  Website content Construction   4.4  Investment Budget on Website   ReferencesChapter 5  Collection and Collation of internet Business Information   5 1  Basis of Network Business Information   5.2  Network Business Information Retrieval   5 3  Market Information Collection by Network   5 4  Questionnaire Surveyed by Internet   5 5  Using Network to Collect Information on New Product Development   5 6  Network Business Information Collation   ReferencesChapter 6  Internet Trading Behavior   6.1  Overview of Internet Trading Behavior   6 2  Purchasing Behavior of Internet Consumers   6 3  Online Trading Behavior   6 4  E-government Procurement   ReferencesChapter 7  E-marketing   7 1  Segmentation of E-marketing   7 2  Target Market Positioning   7.3  Branding Strategy of E-marketing   7 4  Pricing Strategy in E-marketing   7 5  Channel Strategy of E-marketing   7.6  E-marketing Service Strategy   7 7  Marketing Strategy of Mobile E-commerce   ReferenceChapter 8  Online Promotion   8 1  Concept, Classification and Functionality of Online Promotion   8.2  Implementation Procedure of Online Promotion   8.3  Online Advertising   8.4  Website Promotion   8 5  Licensed E-mail Promotion   8 6  Database Marketing   8 7  Latest Development of Internet Promotion   ReferenceChapter 9  E-conunerce Application-Specific Standards   9.1  EDI Standards   9.2  EbXML Standards   9.3  RosettaNet Standards   ReferencesChapter lO  Electronic payment   10 1  The Traditional Mode of Payment   10 2  Electronic Payment   10.3  Two International Security ProtocoLs in Electronic Payment Systems   10.4  Electronic Banking   10.5  The Third Party Payment   10.6  To Strengthen Guidance, and Promote the Rapid Development of Electronic Payment in China   ReferencesChapter 11  E-commerce Logistics   11.1  Overview of E-commerce Logistics   11.2  E-commerce Logistics Model   11.3  E-commerce Logistics Technology   1t.4  The Intemet of ThingsChapter 12  Security Management in Network Transactions   12.1  Fundamental ways in Analyzing the Risks and Administration in Network Transactions   12 2 Client Authentication Technology   12.3  Preventing Intrusion by Hackers   12.4  The Safety Management System of the Network Trading   12.5  Legal Protection of E-commerce Transaction Security   References 

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