Journal of Library Science in China Volume 6,2014


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Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787501355211
Published on: 2014-12


Research Papers 
The ideas and methods of structural monitoring of the scientific and technical information 
resources on the Web 
Zhixiong ZHANG, Xiaolin ZHANG, Jianhua LIU, Yirain ZOU, Jing XIE, 
Li QIAN & Ying WANG 
Mobile library service of the National Library of China and the provincial public libraries 
Qunyi WEI, Fang YUAN, Huan JIA, Ran HUO, Guinan HOU & Xinya YANG 
A grounded theory research on public librarians' perception of organizational cultures 
Ping KE, Wenliang ZHANG, Xining LI & Chengxiu TANG 
Experiment on librarians' implicit stereotype fi~om the group comparative perspective 
Biyang YU & Jianhua XU 
Self-attribution of digital poverty by rural residents and its implications: Field studies in 
Anhui, Gansu and Tianjin of China 
Hui YAN & Ximin YAN 
An analysis of user interactive learning behavior in academic library information 
commons in China 
Changping HU & Yuan HU 
The cognitive structure of library and information science in China and its evolution 
An index system for evaluating children reading promotion programs in public libraries 
Sufang WANG, Yunqian SUN & Bo WANG 
Tax-folk hybrid navigation: A new model for resource aggregation in social tagging system
Yunzhong ZHANG & Meng YANG 
The studies and spread of "Library Rights" in the early 21 st century 
Guoxin LI 
Discussion Pane 
Reading promotion and library science: Analysis on basic theory 
Bingsi FAN 
The emperiment of corporate governance of Shenzhen Library in China 
Rongmei XIAO 
Regional public culture related laws and the development of public library 
undertaking in China 
Color and document classification in ancient China: The classification-centered 
functions of color in document 
Total contents of Journal of Library Science in China (Chinese edition) 2014 Vol.40 
A chronicle of events of Chinese library community in 2013

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