Modern Railway Engineering Consultation: Methods and Practices

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Author: Zhu Yin
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787114127779
Published on: 2016-03
Soft Cover

The authors have been long engaged in the design, consultation and research of railways and in chargeof the engineering consultation on many high—speed railways in China, including Beijing—Shanghai High—speed Railway and Wuhan—Guangzhou Passenger Dedicated Railway.This book was compiled on the basisof the systematic analysis and summary of China's railway engineering consultation and in considerationof engineering consultation practices.The book is divided into five chapters, including Development and Technical Characteristics of Railways, Management of Railway Engineering Consultation, Methods for Railway Engineering Consultation, Key Points of Railway Engineering Consultation,and Cases of RailwayEngineering Consultation

Unit 1 Development and Technical Characteristics of Railway
1.1 Overseas High—speed Railway Development
1.2 Speeding—up reconstruction of railways in China—
1.3 Medium and long—term plans for China's railways
1.4 Main types of China's passenger dedicated railways
1.5 China's construction technologies for high—speed railways
1.6 History of high—speed railway development in China
Unit 2 Management of Railway Engineering Consultation
2.1 Construction process and management of China's railways
2.2 Organization structure for railway engineering consultation and responsibilities of key personnel
2.3 Consultation quality plan
2.4 Control of consultation process
2.5 Control of consultation results
2.6 Consultation management systems
2.7 Working procedures of consultation
2.8 Consultation risk management
Unit 3 Methods for Railway Engineering Consultation
3.1 Overview
3.2 Stage division of consultation work
3.3 Investigation method
3.4 Observation method
3.5 Experiment method
3.6 Simulation method
3.7 Question—raising method
3.8 Induction method
3.9 Analogy Method
3.10 Deduction method
3.11 Systematic method
3.12 Feedback method
3.13 Others
Unit 4 Key Points of Railway Engineering Consultation
4.1 Design optimization consultation
4.2 Construction drawing review consultation
4.3 Construction process consultation
4.4 Special consultation
Unit 5 Cases of Railway Engineering Consultation
5.1 Consultation on dynamic responses of transition sections among subgrade, bridges, tunnels and culverts of a certain high—speed railway
5.2 Consultation on stress on girder end of intercity railway simply supported girder
5.3 Consultation on the improvement design of filling material of Xiashu clay for the subgrade of the high—speed railway
5.4 Consultation on reasonable pier type of the high—speed railway
5.5 Consultation on the river—crossing tunnel works of a certain high—speed railway

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