Recent Progress of Geography in China


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Author: Cai Yunlong
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787100059299
Published on: 2008-08
Soft Cover

 For the development of a discipline, its future can be correctly prospected only if its present is appropriately assessed, and its present can be appropriately assessed only if its past is reasonably respected. Therefore it is absolutely necessary to research the disciplinary progress.

Contributing Authors
Chapter 1  Overview
1.Major Achievements and Key Problems of Geography in China
1.1  Breakthroughs in academic field 
1.2  Contributions to national construction
1.3  Innovation in methodology and research means
1.4  Contributions to science and education
1.5  Contribution to the society
1.6  Problems of geography in China
2.Demands of Sustainable Development in China to Geography
2.1  Demands of industrial optimization and promotion to geography
2.2  Demands of agriculture development to geography
2.3  Demands of High-tech industry development to geography
2.4  Demands of international trade to geography 
2.5  Demands of urbanization to geography
2.6  Demands of population health to geography
2.7  Demands of rational utilization of resources and social sustainability to geography
2.8  Demands of energy structure optimization to geography

2.9  Demands of environmental protection and improvement to geography
2.10  Demands of national security to geography
3.Strengthening Basic Scientific Research of Geography
3.1  Basic scientific issues
3.2  Innovation of theoretical system
3.3  Development of methodology
3.4  Organization of large research projects
3.5  Strengthening the collection of first-hand data
4.Advancing Application of Geography
4.1  Current orientation of geography application
4.2  Key themes of geography application
4.3  Main application areas of geography in China
5.Development Strategies of Geography in China
5.1  Strategies 
5.2  Objectives
5.3  Supporting system for the development of geography
in China
Chapter 2  Physical Geography
Chapter 3  Economic Geography
Chapter 4  Urban,Cultural,Tourist and Historical Geographies
Chapter 5  Geo-Information Science
Chapter 6  Quantitative Geography and Geo-Computation

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