Species Catalogue of China Volume 1 Plants: Bryophytes

中国生物物种名录 第一卷 植物 苔藓植物

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Author: Yu Jia & Si He
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030369154
Published on: 2013-10
Soft Cover

This book collects bryophytes  3021 specie   3021 species belonging to 591 genera 150 families.  The Latin name, Chinese name,  primordium synonym, living environment and distribution are provided to each species.  
Chinese name in Pin Yin:  Zhong Guo Sheng Wu Wu Zhong Ming Lu, Di Yi Juan, Zhi Wu, Tai Xian Zhi Wu
Published by Science Press, text language in Chinese with Latin name, first edition.  
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Part I Bryophyta Schimp.
  1. Takakiopsida M.Stech & W.Frey
  2. Andreaeopsida J.H.Schaffn.
  3. Oedipodiopsida Goffinet & W.R.Buck
  4. Tetraphidiopsida Goffinet & W.R.Buck
  5. Polytrichopsida Doweld
  6. Bryopsida Pax
Part II  Marchntiophyta Stotler & Crand.-Stotl.
  1. Treubiopsida M.Stech, J.-P. Frahm, Hilger & W.Frey
  2. Haplomitriopsida Stotler & Crand.-Stotl
  3. Blasiopsida M.Stech & W.Frey.
  4. Marchantiopsida Cronquist, Takht. & w.Zimm.
  5. Fossombroniopsida W.Frey & Hilger
  6. Pallaviciniopsida W.Frey & M. Stech
  7. Pelliopsida W.Frey & M. Stech
  8. Jungermanniopsida Stotler & Crand.-Stotl
  9. Anthocerotophyta Rohm. ex Stotler & Crand-Stotl.

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