A Comparison Between Chinese and Western – Paintings


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Author: Wu Jing
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787508512716
Published on: 2008-01

The Expression of Individualities and Psychological Self Comfort--The Comparison of Historical Roles between Chinese and Western PaintingsEach stage of development in Chinese and western paintingsoccurred at different times and in a different order. The development of each stage of either one witnessed overlapping phenomena but both of them experienced four stages i.e. rock paintings, paintings on objects such as pottery and handicrafts, religious mural paintings andindependent individual paintings. Since he is not introducing the history of painting this author will compare the roles of paintings according to the four stages.Ms. Wu Jing:
Ms. Wu Jing is a native of Beijing. She graduatedfrom the Art History Department of Century Academy of Arts & Design (now The Fine ArtsSchool of Tsinghua University)in 1989. Now, sheworks as an associate professor in the Institute ofArts & Design of Beijing Polytechnic University.She has published articles on Peoples Daily(Overseas Edition). She is one of the editors ofChinese traditional handicrafts - gold and silver filament technology and cloisonne which was awarded The First Excellent Publications (books) Award of China.

Chapter Ⅰ: The Expression of Individualities and Psychological Self Comfort——The Comparison of Historical Roles between Chinese and Western Paintings.
 The Carrier for Records of Human Events in Early Times - Rock and Cave Paintings
 Pottery Decoration and Decorations on Other Wares
 Paintings with Religious Themes
 Western Paintings from the Altar to a Mans World
 Chinese Paintings of Propaganda, Education and Sympathy
Chapter Ⅱ: The Directness of the Hunting Style and the Restraint of the Farming Style——A Comparison of Emotions between Chinese and Western Paintings.
 Directness and Restraint
 Sense and Sensibility
 Objective and Subjective
 Restriction and Opening
Chapter Ⅲ Express in a Flat Way and Place Feelings on the Landscape——A Comparison of the Tendency in Themes between Chinese and and Western Paintings
 Different Expressive Ways on Same Themes
 Narrative and Landscape Paintings
Chapter Ⅳ: Colours and Inks——A Comparison of Colour Cone pts and Usage between
 Chinese and Wesern Paintings
 Colours and Inks in Landscapes
 Colour Taboos in Painting
 Five-colour Inks
Chapter Ⅴ: Rich-colour Painting and Light Water-ink Painting——Arison of Skills between Chinese and Western Paintings
 Focus and Scattered-points Perspective
 Surface and Line
 Addition and Subtraction
 Abstraction, Generalization and Representation
 Parts and the Whole
Chapter Ⅵ:Dialectics between Motion and Rest——Comparison of Representational Forms between Chinese and Western Paintings
Appendix: A Brief Introduction to Chinese and Western Painting Materials


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