A Compendium of Bamboo Fruits and Seedlings (E-book)


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Author: Lan Bing
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787541640513
Published on: 2010-01
Soft Cover

Based on the cLassification and order in Flora of China,Tumus(1),This book collects and assorts 22 genera with 68 species of bamboos. Each species is written in sequence of morphology, phonology, flower and frui storage and seedling, distribution(including haediness) and usage, with around 260 color photos, each photo arranged in sequence of flower, fruit, seedling and clump, only a few of the fruit and seedling photos are absent. The description of morphology(including rhizomes, culms, internodes, sheaths, leaves, spikelets and flowers) is mainly compiled and written according to the texts of Flora of China,Tumus(1) and Iconographia Bambusoidearum Sinicarum, and the rest is written and completed with the help of the workers in the field research nurseries.

1.Melocanna Trin.
2.Schizaostaachyum Nees
3,Cephalostachyum Munro
4.Thyrsoatachys Gamble
6.Dinochloa Buse
7.Neomicrocalamus Keng f.
8.Bambusa Retz. corr. Achreber
9.Lingnania McClure
10.Neosinocalamus Keng f.
11.Dendrocalamopsis(Chia et H. L. Fung) Keng f.
12.Dendrocalamus Nees
13.Gigantochloa Kurz ex Munro
14.Indosasa McClure
15.Phyllostachys Sieb. et Zucc.
16.Chimonobambusa Makino
17.Qiongzhuea Hseuh et Yi
18.Chimonocalamus Hsueh et Yi
19.Drepanostachyum Keng f.
20.Fargesia Franch. emend. Yi
21.Yushania Keng f.
22.Bashania Keng f. et Yi
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