China's Bamboo:Culture,Resources, Cultivation and Utilization

中国竹类:文化 资源 培育 利用

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Author: Yang Yuming
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9889783075
Published on: 2001-01

This is a book about the culture, resources, cultivation and utilization of China's Bamboo.There are 8 chapters. First it gives an introduction to historical and cultural situations of bamboo research and produciton in China as well as other countries. Then it systematically elaborates on morphological and anatomical features of bamboo, bamboo taxonomy and distribution,structures and types of bamboo communities, cultivation of bamboo forests and techniques for high yields, ecomoic value and utilization of bamboos, as well as strategies for development in bamboo industries. It draws relevant knowledge from historical works on bamboos, absorbs recent achievements of bamboo research in Chia and other countries, and is bases on first-hand data from the editors' own research and exploitation. This book is applicable to students of agriculture and forestry college/university as a textbook. It can also be used as a textbook for training courses in bamboo cultivation and utilization. It is also a valueable reference book for other related specialties and fore the broad mass of bamboo workers.

Chapter 1 A Survey of Chinese Bamboo Culture
Chapter 2 Morphology and Anatomy of Bamboo
Chapter 3 Classification and Distribution of Bamboos
Chapter 4 Structure and Types of Bamboo Communities
Chapter 5 Techniques for Bamboo Cultivation
Chapter 6 Damage by Pests, Diseases and Beasts and Their Control
Chapter 7 Economic Value and Utilization of Bamboo
Chapter 8 The Diversity and Conservation of Bamboos

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