A Monograph of Chinese Enicospilus Stephens (Hymenoptera, Ichneumonidae, Ophioninae)

中国细颚姬蜂属志 膜翅目: 姬蜂科 瘦姬蜂亚科

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Author: Tang Yuqing
Language: In Chinese with English summary (P169-199)
ISBN/ISSN: 7536613857
Published on: 1992-12

In the present work 99 species of Enicospilus Stephens are recognizied from China, 88 of which, including 26 new to science, 14 newly recorded from China marked with “?” and 17 first recorded from the mainland of China marked with “??” , have beeen actually studied by the author. Each species is fully described, and an account of its distribution and , where possible, host records are included. Illustrations of critical characters of adults and known larvae are given. A key is given to Chinese species of Enicospilus. An introductory section includes historical notes, material examined. Methods of preparation, biology and critical characters. Faunal elements of Chinese Enicospilus are analysed and discussed in this work.

1.Enicospilus mecophlebius, sp.n.
2.Enicospilus exqggeratus Chiu
3.Enicospilus atoponeurus Cushman
4.Enicospilus hirayamai Uchida
5.Enicospilus ulmus Gauld & Mitchell
6.Enicospilus plicatus (Brullé)
7.Enicospilus grandis (Cameron)
8.Enicospilus undulates (Gravenhorst)
9.Enicospilus biharensis Townes, Townes & Gupta
10.Enicospilus erythrocerus (Cameron)
11.Enicospilus nanjingensis, sp.n
12.Enicospilus fusiformis Chiu
13.Enicospilus pectinosus, sp.n
14.Enicospilus lineoatus (Roman)
15.Enicospilus sinadoneurus, sp.n.
16.Enicospilus tenuinubeculus Chiu
17.Enicospilus pseudoconspersae (Sonan)
18.Enicospilus maritus (Roman)
19.Enicospilus hedilis Gauld & Mitchell
20.Enicospilus iapetus Gauld & Mitchell
21.Enicospilus transverses Chiu
22.Enicospilus pudibundae (Uchida)
23.Enicospilus nigronotatus Cameron
24.Enicospilus przewalskii (Kokujev)
25.Enicospilus jilinensis, sp.n.
26.Enicospilus mirax Gauld & Mitchell
27.Enicospilus minisculus, sp.n.
28.Enicospilus xuae, sp.n.
29.Enicospilus nigropectus Cameron
30.Enicospilus dolosus (Tosquinet)
31.Enicospilus dasychirae Cameron
32.Enicospilus iracundus Chiu
33.Enicospilus longitarsis, sp.n.
34.Enicospilus yonezawanus (Uchida)
35.Enicospilus heliothidis Viereck
36.Enicospilus javanus (Szépligeti)
37.Enicospilus maai Chiu
38.Enicospilus insinuator (Smith)
39.Enicospilus enicospilus Nikam
40.Enicospilus purifenestratus (Enderlein)
41.Enicospilus hunanicus, sp.n.
42.Enicospilus shiheziensis, sp.n.
43.Enicospilus flavorbitalis, sp.n.
44.Enicospilus hubeiensis, sp.n.
45.Enicospilus hei, sp.n.
46.Enicospilus shinkanus (Uchida)
47.Enicospilus chaoi, sp.n.
48.Enicospilus nathani Gauld & Mitchell
49.Enicospilus heinrichi Gauld & Mitechell
50.Enicospilus strigilatus, sp.n.
51.Enicospilus shikokuensis (Uchida)
52.Enicospilus sinicus, sp.n.
53.Enicospilus choui, sp.n.
54.Enicospilus sauteri (Enderlein)
55.Enicospilus melanocarpus Cameron
56.Enicospilus amoenus, sp.n.
57.Enicospilus kokujevi (Viktorov)
58.Enicospilus medianus, sp.n.
59.Enicospilus capensis (Thunberg)
60.Enicospilus rossicus Kokujev
61.Enicospilus gauldi Nikam
62.Enicospilus fungoideus, sp.n.
63.Enicospilus ramidulus (L.)
64.Enicospilus aciculatus (Taschenberg)
65.Enicospilus laqueatus (Enderlein)
66.Enicospilus bharatensis Nikam
67.Enicospilus puncticulatus, sp.n.
68.Enicospilus flavocePhalus (Kirby)
69.Enicospilus grammosPhalus (Enderlein)
70.Enicospilus pantanae, sp.n.
71.Enicospilus pinguivena (Enderlein)
72.Enicospilus concentralis Cushman
73.Enicospilus riukiuensis (Matsumura & Uchida)
74.Enicospilus nigristigma Cushman
75.Enicospilus bifasciatus (Uchida)
76.Enicospilus eurygnathus, sp.n.
77.Enicospilus xanthocephalus Cameron
78.Enicospilus stelulatus, sp.n.
79.Enicospilus zebrus Gauld & Mitchell
80.Enicospilus abdominalis (Szépligeti)
81.Enicospilus signativentris (Tosquinet)
82.Enicospilus nigripectus (Enderlein)
83.Enicospilus vestigator (Smith)
84.Enicospilus tripartitus Chiu
85.Enicospilus pseudantennctus Gauld
86.Enicospilus pallidistigma Cushman
87.Enicospilus flavicaput (Morley)
88.Enicospilus kanshirensis (Uchida)
89.Enicospilus formosensis (Uchida)
90.Enicospilus loudontae, sp.n.
91.Enicospilus nigribasalis (Uchida)
92.Enicospilus stenophleps Cushman
93.Enicospilus ashby: Ashmead
94.Enicospilus bicarinatus, sp.n.
95.Enicospilus vacuus Gauld & Mitchell
96.Enicospilus kigashirae Uchida
97.Enicospilus flatus Chiu
98.Enicospilus chalasmatos Chiu
99.Enicospilus sakaguchii (Matsumura & Uchida)

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