Fishes of China

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2011 International Symposium on Grouper Culture (abstracts)

Language : English ISBN/ISSN : 9789860296310 Published on: 2011-01 Hardcover Author: Mei-chen Wu For the purpose of promoting the...

A Chinese-Latin-English-Russian-Japanese Dictionary of Fish Names

Author : Shi Keyi Language : Chinese, Latin & English & Russian and Japanese Published on: 1993-01 Hardcover

A Key to the Cyprinidae in China

Author : Marine Biological Research Institute in Hubei Province Language : Chinese Published on: 1975-01 Paperback

A Market Guide for Fishes & Others

Author : Wu Jiarui Language : Chinese ISBN/ISSN : 986417682x Published on: 2006-01 Hardcover


Author : Wu Jiarui Language : Chinese, Latin name ISBN/ISSN : 9789578792760 Published on: 2004-01 Soft Cover...

A Review of the Fishes of the Genus Gobiogotia

Author : P.W.Fang and King F.Wang Language : English Published on: 1931-01 Paperback

A Revision and Phylogenetic Analysis of Guizhoucoelacanthus(SarcopterygII,Actinistia)from the Triassic of China(E-Paper,pdf file)

Author : Geng Binghe,Zhu Min,Jin Fan Language : English Published on: 2009-01 Special

A Study of The Lateral-line Canals System and That of Lirenzini Ampullae And Tubules Of Elasmobranchiate Fishes Of China

Author : Yuanting T.Chu & Meng Ching Wen Language : Chinese with English summary Published on: 1980-01 Hardcover We select 73 species of Chinese...

A Study on Biodiversity and its Conservation of Major Fishes in the Yangtze River In Chinese

Author : Li Sifa Language : Chinese Published on: 2001-01 Hardcover This book summarizes the author's life work in studying the genetic resources and...

A study on the Classification of the Sciaenoid Fishes of China, with Description of New Genera and Species (Used)

Author : Chu Yuan-ting et al. Language : Chinese, English summary and Latin names index Published on: 1964-01 Paperback This paper deals with the...

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