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Ĉinio Marŝas en Insekta Mondo

Author : Zhou Yao Language : Esperanto Published on: 1986-01 Paperback

A Check List of the Forest Insects of China (Used)

Author : Yang Xiu-yuan & Wu Jian Language : Chinese and Latin names index 1981; Paperback;130x185mm;444 This check list collects forest insects 2934...

A Color Atlas of Plant Quarantine Pests

Author : China Society of Plant Protection Language : Chinese, Latin name Published on: 1993-09 Hardcover

A Color Atlas of the Chinese Mecoptera (Chinese and English)

Author : Hua Baozhen Language : Chinese and English bilingual ISBN/ISSN : 9787534993763 Published on: 2018-12  Hardcover A Color Atlas of the...

A Glossary of Latin-English-Chinese Names of Nature Enemy Insects with Their Applied Examples

Author : Complied by Xia Songyun Language : Chinese Published on: 1997-01 Hardcover The glossary has collected 22900 entries of Latin-English-Chinese...

A History of Chinese Entomology

Author : Chuo Io Language : English 1990; Hardcover; 245  The history of Chinese entomology is a new sphere of science, which was established by...

A History of Chinese Entomology

Author : Zhao Yao Language : Chinese with English summary Published on: 1988-01 Hardcover

A History of Entomology in Modern China

Author : Zhou Rao Language : Chinese with English summary ISBN/ISSN : 7506267659 Published on: 2004-01 Hardcover The present book is an attempt to...

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