Advances In Free Radical Biology And Medicine (vol.1)

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Author: Fang Yunzhoung
Language: English
Published on: 1991-01

1. Effect of ionizing radiation on superoxide dismutase in vitro and in vivo
2.The mechanism of free radical injury in myocardial necrosis of Keshan disease (KD)
3.Studies on the interaction of trace element selnium with oxygen free radicals
4.The simulationof Cu (II)-Zn (II)superoxide dismutase
5.Protease inhibitors and oxygen species elimination in organism after irradiation
6.New findings on cross reaction between antibovine copper-xinc superoxide dismutase antisera and superoxide dismutase in the blood of patients with cancer of radiation disease
7.Changes of immunological property of serum copper-zinc superoxide dismutase in cancer patients and their clinical application
8.Further studies on immunological properties of copper-zinc superoxide dismutase
9.Lipid peroxidation and tumor promotion
10.Metallothionein and free radical scavenger
11.Photoperoxidation in lens cataract formation
12.Experimental study on the lipid peroxidation changes of inhalation of negative air ions
13.Studies on free radical biology of photosensitive drug of photoporphyrins--The characteristics and mechanism of HPD(Y) photosensitive damage
14.Cancer-prevention healthy device regulating contents and ratio of harmful and benefit elements in drinking water
15.Free radicals and liver lesion
16.Free radicals and winter injury in Korean pine seedlings
17.Effect of surface charge of liposome on the light-induced electron transfer reactions in liposomes containing chlorophyll
18.Free radical and theory of traditional Chinese medicine
19.Effect of free radical scavenger TMC 2 on radiation damage
20.Photodynamic damage of hematoporphyrin derivative (HPD) on tumor cells
21.The relationship between free radicals in human hair and cancer
22.Study of polymorphonuclear leukocyte chemiluminescence and its application on epidemic hemorrhagic fever
23.Study on lymphocyte chemiluminescence
24.The effect of oxygen free radical on bilirubin polymerization, aggregation, and free radical formation
25.The protective effect of anisodamine on the cardiac ischemic reperfusion injury
26.Effects of lipid peroxidation on liver mitochondrial respiratory function in rats after burn
singals from overwintered Korean pine needles
27. ESR signals from overwintered Korean pine needles
28.The experimental study of myocardial reperfusion injury with calcium channel blocker
29.Changes of pulmonary Cu, Xn and Cu, Xn-SOD activity in antioxidant defensive system in SMAO shock in rabbits
30.The nature and source of ESR signal in bilirubin
31.Lead-induced oxidant damage in developing rats
32.Direct measurement of oxygen free radicals of overvitamin D-induced cardiac lesions in rats by ESRand the protective effects of L-methionine
33.The effect of high dose vitamin D on antioxidases and protection action of L-methionine
34.Oxidative damage of myocardial mitochondria in Keshan disease-an endemic cardiomyopathy in China
35.Production of monoclonal antibodies against human Cu-Zn superoxide dismutase
36.Studies on SOD-Like activity of functional surfactants-containing copper (II)complexes as superoxide dismutase models
37.Oxidative injury by ischemia-reperfusion and the protection by some drugs in gerbil brain
38.Use of diethyldithiocarbamate to enhance antitumor effect of hematoporphyrin derivatives-laser by strengthening free radical reactions in tumor ceels
39.Effects of ginsenosides on the function of cell membrane and the increase of pgi 2 contents by Rb1 and Rg1 in carotid of rats
40.Interaction between ascorbate and TPGS in antioxidation of liver microsomal lipid peroxidation stimulated by carbon tetrachloride
41.Determination of normal values of erythrocyte superoxide dismutase in healthy Chinese

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