Archaeological Discovery and Research of Quaternary Mammalian Fossils in Fujian


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Author: Fan Xuechun & Zheng Guozhen
Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: 7030181492
Published on: 2006-01

Fujian province is situated in the southeast of China and it’s belonging to sub-tropical area. The landforms of Fujian can be classified into 4 types: high mountains, foothill, lowland and strand. Mammal fossils were mostly recovered from limestone caves of foothill area. Up to now, more than 40 localities have been unearthed, and 93 mammal species from Pleistocene strata were identified. In total, 93 mammal species have been excavated until recently: Insectivora (4 species), Vespertilionidae (8 species), Primates (8 species), Lagomorpha (1 species), Rodentian (20 species), Carnivora (16 species), Proboscidea (3 species), Perissodacttyla (9 species), Artiodactyla (24 species).
There are five types of asynchronous and inhomogeneous mammalian fauna (from early to late): Lingfend dong Fauna consists of Vespertiliondae indet., Ia io, Petaurista sp., Niviventer sp., Rhizomys sp., Mustela sp., Rhinoceros sinensis, and Megatapirus augustus. Fossils date back to 200-185 ka BP (obtained by uranium series dating of travertine).

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