Fauna Sinica Invertebrata Vol.54 Annelida Polychaeta III Sabellida

中国动物志 环节动物门多毛纲 缨鳃虫目

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Author: Sun Ruiping & Yang Dejian
Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030419217
Published on: 2014-10

Fauna Sinica Invertebrata Vol.54  Annelida Polychaeta Sabellida 
This volume deals with 4 families (Sabellidae, Serpulidae, Sabellaridae, Oweniidae) found from China seas.  It consists of two two main parts. The first part is a general introduction of the historical research of the Order Sabellida at home and abroad, systematic position, taxonomic system, morphology, reproduction, ecology, as well as the economic importance.  the second part is a systematic account of the Chinese Fauna of Class Polychaeta, Order Sabellida with a total of 4 families, 6 subfamilies, 50 genera, 179 species, including Sabellidae (2 families, 20 genera, 64 species), Surpulidae (3 subfamilies, 23 genera, 98 species), Sabellaridae (2 subfamilies, 5 genera, 13 species), Oweniidae(2 genera, 4 species). Among of them, 1 species is new to science, 61 species are firstly recorded from China seas. With ket to all taxa from order through family, subfamily, genera and species, the systematic descriptions of morphological character, geographical distribution of every species. 本卷是《中国动物志无脊椎动物环节动物门多毛纲》的第三分册。含总论、各论两部分。总论:记缨鳃虫目Sabellida四个科的研究简史、形态和生理、经济意义等。各论:系统报道我国的缨鳃虫科Sabellidae2亚科20属64种龙介虫科Serpulidae3亚科23属83种帚毛虫科Sabellariidae2亚科5属13种欧文虫科Oweniidae2属4种总计4科50属164种(含1新种、我国首次记录50种)

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