(Herpetological Series 11):Taxonomic Bibliography of Chinese Amphibia and Reptilia including Karyological Literature

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Author: Zhao Ermi
Language: English
2000; Hardcover;185x260mm;261

This book presents a bibliography of references to works published on the taxonomy of Chinese amphibians and reptiles. The appendices include a revised checklist of Chinese Amphibia and Reptilia, a list of journals cited, and a list of senior authors in this book.

The bibliography contains over 5000 references by 838 senior authors from 36 countrie, published between 1758 and 1999. Approximately 297 periodicals (as well as some monographs or books) are represented. References to taxonomy, evolution, distribution, fauna and zoogeographic division, as well as karyotype studies, biochemical and numerical taxonomy of amphibians and reptiles occurring in China and neighboring countries, have been included. For each reference, the senior author is listed with the surname first, followed by the given name, and co-authors with given names first, and surnames last. The references in this bibliography are arranged alphabetically according to the surnames of the senior authors and co-authors, and chronologically according to the years of publication by the same authors. For a published work written in Chinese, the reference is translated into English, followed by the original Chinese reference in brackets, and the article is not denoted as (in Chinese) .Most of the original publications in Chinese have Englishe abstracts. For articles published in Western languages, no Chinese translation is provided. If the language a certain article was published in is not the same as the language shown in its title, that is, English, German or French, a bracketed notation such as (in Japanese) (in Russian ) or (in Vietnamese) is followed.

Table of Contents

1. Taxonomic Bibliography
2. Appendices:
(1) Revised Checklist of Chinese Amphibia and Reptilia (In Cooperation
with Kraig Adler)
(2) List of Journals Cited
(3) List of Senior Authors
3. Herpetological Series


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