(Herpetological Series 9):Chinese Chelonian Research

蛇蛙研究丛书 (九)--中国龟鳖研究

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Author: Zhao Ermi
Language: Chinese with Latin name index
Published on: 1997-01

1. Studies on Taxonomy and Distribution of Chinese Chelonians
2. Studies on Chinese Sea Turtles
3. Studies on the Classification of Chinese Soft-shelled Turtles
4. A Summary of Fossil Turtles in China
5. Turtles and Chinese Culture
6. A Study on Chromosomes of Chinese Chelonians
7. The Karyotypes and NORs of Two Species of Chinemys
8. Studies on Blood Cells and Hemopoiesis of Turtles in China
9. A Comparative Study on Isozymes of Three Fresh-water Turtle
Species in China
10.Observations on the Egg-shell of Cuora aurocapitata and
Cistoclemmys flavomarginata
11.Studies on Habitat Selection and Food Habits of Testudo
12.Observations of Cuora amboinensis Eggs and a Method for Sexing
13.Biological Characteristics and Artificial Propagation of Cuora
14.Ecological Observation of Three Turtle Species and Their
Artificial Breeding
15.An Ecological Observation of Sacalia quadriocellata in Captivity
16.Report on Some Diseases Found in Captive Palea steindachneri
17.An Exploration for Holographic, Ecological, Hight-density
Breeding in Chinese Soft-shelled Turtle Propagation
18.Short Note: A Case of Depositing of Cuora aurocapitata in

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