High Energy Physics ICHEP’06—Proceedings of the 33rd international Conference (in 2 Volumes)

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Author: Alexey Sissakian & Gennady Kozlow & Elena Kolganova
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9789812703859
Published on: 2006-01

Volume I ISBN:978-981-270-994-3 662 Pages
Volume II ISBN:978-981-270-995-0 1264 Pages
Considerable attention at this conference was paid to the search for new physics. Numerous possible properties beyond the Standard Model. Yet the majority of the community is confident that new physics is within the reach of LHC, and , indeed, more theoretical scenarios for TeV-scale physics beyond the Standard Model were presented at the conference

Volume I
Plenary Session
Status of |Vub|, |Vcb| and Their Relative
Charm and Charmonium : Spectroscopy, Production and Decays
Rare B and T Decays and Searches for New Physics
QCD Review
Progress in Lattice QCD
New BES and CLEO Results
Session I Particle Astrophysics & Cosmology
Cosmology and Colliders
Neutrinos, Dark Matter and Baryon Asymmetry of the Universe
LIGO and VIRGO: Large Interferometers Searching for Gravitational Waves
DAMA at GRAN SASSO : Results and Perspectives
Observation of Vacuum Birefringence Induced by a Transverse Magnetic Field
Search for Dark Matter with Space Experiments
Session II Neutrino Physics
First MINOS Results from the NuMI Beam
Status and Perspectives of Gallium Experiments
Results from the HARP Experiment
NEMO -3 Double Beta Decay Experiment: Lastest Results
A Global Analysis of Neutrino Oscillations
Can We Learn Something More on Oscillations from Atmospheric Neutrinos
Physics with India-Based Neutrino Observatory
TeV Leptogenesis in the Minimal Seesaw Model
Session III Lattice Calculation & Computational Quantum Field Theory
Impact of Lattice QCD Calculations on Unitarity Triangle Fits
Lattice QCD with Light Twisted Quarks : First Results
Analytic Estimate of the Order Parameter for Magnetic Charge Condensation in QCD

Session IV Heavy Ion Collisions & Quark Matter
Bulk Phenomena in High-Energy Nuclear Collisions at RHIC
Global Observables at RHIC
Equation of State Near the QCD Critical Point
Session V QCD Hard Interactions
Review of Measurements
Measurement of in e+ e- Collisions at LEP and JADE
Jets at LHC
Inclusive Jet and Hadron Production in DIS at NLO
Session VI QCD Soft Interactions
First Measurement of the + - Atom Lifetime
Volume II
Session VII Electroweak Physics
W Width and W, Z Cross Sections at the Tevatron
W and Z Production : Cross –Sections and Asymmetries
Final Results on W Boson Properties from LEP
Session VIII: CP Violation, Rare Decays, Ckm
New Perspectives on Kaon Physics from KLOE
Recent Results from ISTRA+ Experiment
Session IX Hadron Spectroscopy & Exotics
Lattice Approach to Threshold States
The Experimental Investigation of the N*- and Resonances
Charmed Meson Spectroscopy at BELLE
Session X Heavy Quark Physics
Study of the Two –Body Charmless B Decays with the BABAR Experiment
First NNLL Prediction
Study of Multi –Body Charmless B Decays with the BABAR Experiment
Session XI Beyond the Standard Model
Results of Beyond the Standard Model Higgs Searches from the LEP Experiments
Exotic Physics at HERA
Non – Standard Model Higgs Searches at the Tevatron
Session XII Grid Distributed Analysis in High Energy Physics
ALICE Physics Analysis Using the Grid
The First Year of LHC Physics Analysis Using the Grid : Prospects from GMS
Session XIII R&D for Future Accelerators & Detectors
Muon Cooling and Future Muon Facilities
Simulation of Mice Using G4MICE
Session XIV Mathematical Aspects of Qft & String Theory
Decay of Metastable Vacuum in Liouville Gravity
Duality in Supersymmetric Yang – Mills and the Quantum Hall Effect
Resummed Quantum Gravity

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