Insects of the three Gorge Reservoir Area of Yangtze River (2 volumes )

长江三峡库区昆虫 (上下册)

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Author: Yang Yingke
Language: Chinese, Latin name
ISBN/ISSN: 7536635788
Published on: 1997-01

The monograph is a complete and systematic summary on insects and terrestrial invertebrates collected in te Three Gorge Reservoir Area. It consists of general accounts and subsections prepared by 99 experts from 30 research and education units in China. Each subsection arranged as an independent paper according to families and orders. In the monograph, 3485 species of Insects and invertebraes are described, belonging to 1984 genera, 265 families and 21 orders. It includes 289 new species and 16 new genera. Namely, the morphological characteristics and economical value were first described for the group. Then, taxonomic status, morphological characteristics, occurring seasons, population abundance, distribution in China and the world, hosts and economical value described species by species, including necessary morphological illustrations and black-and-white photos. Detailed descriptions for new genera and new species were written both in Chinese and English. Furthermore, origin and evolution were discussed for some groups.

1. Insect fauna of the three Gorge Reservoir area of Yangtze river and its origin and evolution
2. Insect Resources and species diversity of the three Gorge Reservoir area of Yangtze river
3. Developmental history and control strategies of agro-forestry pests of the Three Gorge reservoir area of Yangtze river
4. Odonata
5. Blattaria
6. Mantodea
7. Isoptera
8. Phasmatodea
9. Orthoptera
10. Dermaptera
11. Hemiptera
12. Homoptera
13. Psocoptera
14. Thysanoptera
15. Megaloptera
16. Neuroptera
17. Coleoptera
18. Mecoptera
19. Trichoptera
20. Lepidoptera
21. Diptera
22. Hymenoptera
23. Acari: Acariformes
24. Arachnida: Araneae

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