Microbes and the Environment: Perspectives and Challenges


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Author: Shuang-Jiang Liu:Harold L. Drake
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787030214058
Published on: 2008-01

A group of microbiologists from China, Germany and additional European countries met in Beijing in September 2007 and held a conference entitled “Microbes and the Environment”. The purpose of this conference was to evaluate how microbes shape the planet and might be harnessed to solve environmental problems. The book provides an overview of many of the contributions made during the conference.

Section A Introduction
Chapter 1 Current and future perspectives on the environmental importance of microorganisms
Section B: Microbial Cycling of Elements in Diverse Habitats
Chapter 2 Two impossible microbes with global implications: the nitrite-dependent anaerobic oxidation of methane and ammonium
Chapter 3 Microbial diversity in the deep-sea environments revealed by combined molecular approaches
Chapter 4 Exploring an unknown world: bacteria of the deep biosphere below the seafloor
Chapter 5 Temperature effects on methanogenic microbial communities
Chapter 6 Microbial diversity under long-term fertilization regimes of Chinese soils
Chapter 7 Functional gene assessment of denitrifying Prokaryotes: implications for understanding the ecology of denitrifiers
Chapter 8 Uncultured microorganisms in Hainan mangrove soil: diversity and functional genes
Chapter 9 Acetogens: anaerobic gamblers at the oxic-anoxic interface
Chapter 10 Phosphorus cycling at water: sediment interface mediated by phosphorus-solublizing bacteria
Chapter 11 Planktonic bacteria in Chinese and European lakes: are they different?
Chapter 12 Phototrophic consortia: model systems for the interaction between nonrelated bacteria
Section C Bioremediation and Bioaugmentation: Harnessing Microbes
Chapter 13 Microbial degradation of carbazole and dibenzofuran by Genus Sphingomonas: Perspective and challenge

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