Palaeontologia Sinica (New Series C,Whole Number 162, Number 23) The Dinosaurian Remains FromSichuan Basin, China


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Author: Dong Zhiming&Zhou Shiwu
Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 1983-01

The Sichuan (Basin) is a large sedimentary basin depositing the continental sediments of Mesozoic. The thickness of deposits is more than three thousand meters, composed mainly of purplish red mudstone. These sediments present characteristic of the fluviolacustrue facies. Rich and varied remains of the dinosaurs have been found in the basin. These dinosaur-bearing formations are continuous from Late. Triassic to Early Cretaceous.

1.Saurischia Seeley, 1888
(1)Sauropodomorpha Huene, 1932
(2)Theropoda Marsh 1881
2.Ornithischia Seeley, 1888
(1)Ornithopoda Marsh, 1871
(2)Stegosauria (Marsh 1877)

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