Some New Trends on Fluid Mechanics and Theoretical Physics-Proceedings Of The International Conference On Fluid Mechanics And Theoretical Physics

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Author: Ning Hu
Language: English
1993; Hardcover;185x265mm;675

Professor CHOU had served as President of Peking University, Vice President of the Chinese Academy of Science, and Chairman (now Honorary Chairman) of the China Association for Science and Technology (CAST). He also had been the President of the Chinese Physical Society, and Vice President of the Chinese Society of Theoretical and applied Mechanics (now Honorary President for both societies). The Conference concentrated on the two fields in fundamental research, the general theory of relativity and gravitation, and the theory of turbulence, and also will cover broader fields in fluid dynamics and theoretical physics. A large number of papers were submitted, from which 159 contributions are selected. At this conference have 18 invited lectures and 8 special lectures.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

1.Invited Papers (17 Papers)
2.Fluid Mechanics (8 Special Papers) :
3.Flow Stability and Turbulent Coherent
Structure (13 Papers);
4.Computation Fluid Mechanics (8 Papers);
5.Statistical Theory of Turbulence (5 Papers);
6.Vortex and Shock Wave (8 Papers);
7.Experimental Technique (11 Papers);
8.Industrial Fluid Mechanics ( 6 Papers);
9.Turbulence Model (6 Papers);
10.Geophysical Fluid Dynamics (6 Papers);
11.Aerodynamics (5 Papers);
12.Chaos and Fractal (8 Papers).
13.Theoretical Physics (6 Special Papers)
14.Particles and Fields (17 Papers);
15.Gravitation: Theory and Experiment
(30 Papers);


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