The Loaches of the Subfamily Nemacheilinae in China(Cypriniformes:Cobitidae)


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Author: Zhu Songquan
Language: Chinese, Latin name
Published on: 1989-01

The nemacheiline fishes belong to the subfamily Nemacheilinae(Cypriniformes, Cobitidae), which distribute all over the Eurasia cotinent, more than 200 species and subspecies, only one species distributes over the northern part of Africa. Almost half of the nemacheiline fishes in theworld are found in China, widely distribute in different parts. It is the first time that the fishes of the subfamily are systematized in China. In this book, 14 genera and 91 species and subspecies are described, among them three species are new in science, attached with key and index for the genus and the species and subspecies. Besides the morphological characters of the nemacheiline fishes, their ecology, distribution, and economy value, etc, are briefly emphasized.

1. Paranemachilus Zhu
2. Micronemacheilus Rendahl
3. Heminoemacheilus Zhu et Cao
4. Yunnanilus Nichols
5. Lefua Herzenstein
6. Oreonectes Gunther
7. Barbatula Linck
8. Paracobitis Bleeker
9. Schistura McClelland
10.Aborichthys Chaudhuri
11.Nemacheilus Bleeker
12.Neonoemacheilus Zhu et Guo
13.Triplophysa Rendahl
14.Sphaerophysa Cao et Zhe

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