Theory and Method for Finite Element Analysis of Bridge Structures


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Author: Yang-Liu
Language: Chinese
ISBN/ISSN: 9787114116018
Published on: 2014-08
Soft Cover

Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Overview
1.2 History of FEM
1.3 Engineering Application of FE Method
1.3.1 Linear Elastic FE
1.3.2 Non—linear Elastic FE
1.3.3 Analysis Procedure of FE Method
1.3.4 Engineering Applications of FEM
Chapter 2 FE Analysis for Structural System Composed of Bar
2.1 Local FE Analysis
2.1.1 Tension/Strut Bar Elements
2.1.2 Torsional Bar Elements
2.1.3 General Plane Bar Member Element
2.1.4 Space Bar Member Element
2.1.5 Natures of Space Stiffness Matrix
2.2 Integral Analysis for Structural System Composed of Bar
2.2.1 Matrix for Plane Coordinates Transformation
2. 2.2 Matrix for Space Coordinates Transformation
2.2.3 Integral Analysis of Structural System Composed of Bar
2.3 Load Equivalence
2.3.1 Processing Non—joint Load
2.3.2 Processing Boundary Conditions
Chapter 3 FE Analysis for Beam Structures
3.1 Local Element Analysis
3.1.1 Analysis of Plane Beam Element
3.1.2 Analysis of Space Beam Element
3.2 Structure Analysis
3.3 Load Equivalence
Chapter 4 FE Analysis of Plate Shell Structure
4.1 Elastic Sheet Theory
4.1.1 Basic Assumption
4.1.2 Geometric Equation
4.1.3 Physical Equation
4.2 Triangular Element Displacement Method
4.2.1 Displacement Mode
4.2.2 Element Analysis
4.3 Rectangular Element Displacement Method
4.3.1 Joint Displacement and Joint Force
4.3.2 Displacement Mode
4.3.3 Stress Analysis
4.3.4 Element Stiffness Matrix
4.3.5 Calculation of Equivalent Joint Loads
4.4 Hybrid Method for Triangular Elements
4.4.1 Basic Unknown Quantities
4.4.2 Displacement Mode
4.4.3 Internal Force Mode
4.4.4 Deduction of Sub—matrix Kvw
4.4.5 Deduction of Sub—matrix KvM
4.4.6 Deduction of Sub—matrix K0M
4.4.7 Equivalent Joint Load
4.5 Rectangular Element Hybrid Method
4.5.1 Basic Unknown Quantity
4.5.2 Displacement Mode and Internal Force Mode
4.5.3 Element Matrix
4.5.4 Equivalent Joint Loads
4.6 Edge—curved Flat—plate Bending Element with Consideration of
Chapter 5 3D Structure FE Analysis
Chapter 6 Structural Stability Analysis
Chapter 7 Structural Dynamic Analysis
Chapter 8 Introduction to FE Computation Software

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