Theory and Practice of Energetic Materials (Vol.IV)

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Author: Chen Lang , Feng Changgen
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7504631825
Published on: 2001-01

This monograph is the proceedings of the fourth international autumn Seminar on Propellants, Explosives and Pyrotechnics. Collected in this volume are 128 papers and 14 abstracts from different countries.These papers cover the following aspects: Explosives, Propellants, Detonation and Initiation, Test Methods for Energetic Materials and Miscellaneous. Many novel research results on energetic materials achieved during the last a few years are mentioned through this proceedings.

Part I Explosives
Properties of Ultrafine Energetic Materials
Studies on Low Vulnerable High Explosives
Preparing Ultra –Fine Hmx Particles by Gas Process
Comparison of Incremental Pressing with Single – Action Pressing
Part II Propellants
New Technology for Prevention of the anomalous Combustion Regimes-Development in the High –Loading Density Sprm
Investigation of Decomposition Kinetics of ammonium Perchlorate
Study on conditions of Propellants’ Self –Ignition Under sepcified Circumstances
A Generalized Mathematical Model for Rheological Properties of solid Propellant Binder system
Part III Detonation and Ination
Diagnostic of Fragment Warheads
Study on Gaseous Detonation Propagating Through a Perforated Steel Plate Section
A New Method of P-S Grid For 3D Unsteady Fluid Flow numerical Solution
A study on Hypervelocity Flyer Driven BY Strong Detonation
Part IV Pyrotechnics
Laser –Driven Flyer plate Initiation of Explosives
Study on the Tear Gas Agent of Oxidint – Free Deflagration Type
The particle size effects in Pyrotechnic Compositions Containing Potassium Chlorate
Part V Test Methods
Establishment and Aplication of an automated Test System For Measuring Detonation Parameters
Measuring Physical Density of Explosive Charge with Ray Computed Tomography
A Mathematical Model for Evaluating Thermal Stability of Solid Energetic Materials
Part VI Miscellaneous
Coupled Analysis of Dynamic – Static Effect of Rock Blast
Application of ammunition engineer simulation Based on virtual Reality Modeling Language
Numerical simulation on Penetration effect of disconnected Target
Part VII Abstracts
Ir-spectroscopy research on chemical Transformations of Products of Nitrocellulose Ethers Under The Amine Action
Studies on Photocure of Glycidyl azide Polymer

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