A New Advance In Seismic Isolation,Energy Dissipation and Control of Structures

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Author: Zhou Fulin ,B.F.Spencer
Language: English
Published on: 1999-01

1.Recent Research and Development on Seismic Isolation, Energy Dissipation and Control of Structures in China
2.Magnetorheological Dampers for Seismic Protection
3.Seismic Isolation of Structures

4.Development of the Light-Weight Isolation Bearings
5.Analytical Models for the Lead Rubber Bearing
6.Mechanic Characteristics of Rubber Bearings in Column Top Isolation System
7.Experimental Verification of Shock Reduction Achieved Through Nonlinear Localization
8.3-Dimensional Shaking Table tests on Base-Isolation Systems for Houses
9.Determination of the Critical Direction of Ground Motion for the Base Isolation of a Concrete Building
10. Comparison of Analytical Methods and Loss Assessment of Base-Isolated Buildings
11. Problems in the Seismic-Isolation Design for Shantou Museum
12. Application and Development of Structural Base Isolation Technology in Hangzhou China
13. Fist Experimental Base Isolated Building in Hangzhou
14. Seismic Isolation of Rigid Tanks Using Friction Pendulum Bearings
15. Energy Method for Seismic Isolation of Buildings
16. Deformation of Laminated Rubber Bearings Response to Temperature Stress in Cold Region
17. Effect of Low-Temperature on the Deformational Behavior of Rubber Seismic-Isolation Devices
18. Carrying Capacity of Isolation Device of Rigid Balls with Restoring Property for Building
19. Experiment Investigation on Base Isolation system Using Roller Bearings
20. Seismic Bearings for Large Span Bridges
21. Isolation Philosophy Used in china Railway Bridge
22. Shaking table test of an Isolated Bridge Model

1.Seismic Analysis and Design Approaches of Passive Energy Dissipation Systems
2.Quasi-Static Retrofit Analysis for Friction Damped Frames
3.Hazard Mitigation for Long Recurrence Interval Earthquakes Using Passive Response Modification
4.Dampers as a Design Alternative for Steel Frame Buildings
5.Seismic Retrofit of Non-Ductile Concrete Frame Buildings with VE Dampers
6.Seismic Design Considerations of Structures with Supplemental Protective Devices: Effect of Damping Force on Column Strength
7.Unbonded Post-tensioned Precast Concrete Walls with Supplemental Viscous Damping
8.Optimization of Energy Dissipation Brace in Frame Structure
9.Test and Research of a New Type Antiseismic Energy Dissipating Bracing
10. Study on Some Kinds of Energy Dissipaters and Structures with Them
11. Experimental Study on a High-Efficient Damping Control System
12. The Theory Model of Hydraulic Damper System (HDS)
13. A Hysteretic Damping Device Suitable for Reducing Structural vibrations
14. Optimal Energy Dissipation Control of Hysteretic Structures Under Random Loading
15. Limiting Drift Response of Reinforced Concrete Building Structures Subjected to Earthquakes
16. Vibration Analysis of Earthquake-Excited Adjacent Buildings with Maxwell Model-Defined Fluid Dampers
17. Nonlinear Vibration Control of Cables Using Passive Hysteretic Dampers
18. Structural Control of Megaframe with Suspension Systems in High-rise Buildings

1. Nondimensional Analysis of Semi-Active Electrorheological Damping Control Strategies for Civil Structures
2. Seismic Response Control Using a Semi-Active Stiffness Damper
3. Shaking Table Tests of an AVS D Control System
4. A Predictive Control Algorithm and Shaking table tests of an AVS D System
5.Semi-Active Structural Vibration Control System Using Variable Stiffness
6.Hybrid Control of Structure of Structure Using Artificial Neural Networks
7.Full-time Optimal Control of Variable Structure Control
8.Hybrid Control of Floor Vibrations from Viewpoint of Power Flow
9.Damper-Actuator System with Observer technique and Optimal device Placement
10. Research on Wind Induced Vibration Control of a Super Highrise Building Using TMD System
11. Transient Dynamic Response of Preisach Hysteretic System
12. Seismic Protection of Continuous Girder Bridge Using Hybrid Control Systems

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