Petroleum Geology

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Advanced Well Completion Engineering (Ebook)

Author : Wan Renbo Language : English ISBN/ISSN : 9787502120504 Published on: 1997-01 Hardcover What is the definition of advanced well completion...

Advances in Petroleum geology and Exploration in China

Author : Hu Jianyi Language : English Published on: 1996-01 Hardcover The fact that China's petroleum geology and exploration kept an organic...

Atlas of China's Petroliferous Basins (Second edition)

Language : Chinese ISBN/ISSN : 7502140301 Published on: 2002-01 Hardcover...

Atlas of Clastic Reservoirs in China

Author : Ying Fengxiang Language : English ISBN/ISSN : 9787502119553 Published on: 1997-07 Hardcover This book is characterized by the combination of...

Carboniferous Gas Fields in High Steep Structures of Eastern Sichuan

Author : Hu Guangcan Language : English Published on: 1997-01 Hardcover This book is a memoir summarizing the exploration experiences of the past...

Characteristics of Chinese Petroleum Geology´╝ÜGeological Features and Exploration cases of Stratigraphic, Foreland and deep Formation Traps

Author : Chengzao Jia Language : English ISBN/ISSN : 9787308082709 Published on: 2011-12 Hardcover The Chinese petroleum industry has a glorious and...

Comprehensive Practice of Exploration & Evaluation Techniques in Complex Reservoirs

Author : Cheng Xiaodong Language : English ISBN/ISSN : 9787518312474 Published on: 2016-05 Soft Cover Comprehensive Practice of Exploration &...

Continental Hydrocarbone Reservoirs of China

Author : Qiu Yinan Language : English Published on: 1997-01 Hardcover This book summarize the theories of continental hydrocarbon reservoirs in...

Countermeasures for Heterogeneity of Continental oil field

Author : Chen Yongsheng Language : English Published on: 1999-01 Hardcover book is written from the point of view of theoretical depth as well as the...

Cretaceous in Oil and Gas Bearing Areas of Northern China

Author : Ye Dequan Language : Chinese with English summary Published on: 1990-01 Hardcover

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