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Atlas of Tectonics and Sequence Lithofacies Palaeogeography in Southern China ( Sinian to Neogene )

Author : Ma Yongsheng Language : Chinese ISBN/ISSN : 7030219565 Published on: 2009-01 Hardcover    The research on tectonics-sequence...

Atlas of the Lithofacies and Palaeogeography of South China (Sinian-Triassic)

Author : Liu Baojun Language : English ISBN/ISSN : 703004326X Published on: 1994-01 Hardcover This is one of the series publications ''The...

Atlas of the Palaeogeography of China

Author : Institute of Geology and Wuhan College of Geology Language : English 1985; Hardcover;380x280cm; The tlas is in octavo volume. It includes...

Devonian-Carboniferous Boundary in Nanbiancun, Guilin, China-Aspects and Records

Author : Yu Chang-Min Language : English ISBN/ISSN : 7030006836 Published on: 1988-01 Paperback This book presents an intensive systematic...

Paleotethysides in West Yunnan and Sichuan, China

Author : By Zhong Dalai Language : English ISBN/ISSN : 7030071425 Published on: 1999-01 Hardcover CONTENTS Foreword I Foreword II Preface Chapter1...

Permo -Triassic Events of South China

Author : Yang Zunyi & Wu Shunbao Language : English Published on: 1993-01 Paperback This volume is the part of the IGCP Project No. 203 carried out...

Proceedings of the International Conference on Pangea and the Paleozoic-Mesozoic Transiton

Author : Yin Hongfu Language : English Published on: 1999-01 Hardcover Contents1. Papers (1) Late Permian Deep-Water Fauna and Sediments of Sidazhai,...

Sinian-Ordovician Paleogeography, Cyclicity-Rhythm and Sedimentary events of China

Author : Meng Xianghua, Ge Ming Language : English Published on: 1996-01 Hardcover Contents:I. Sequence Stratigraphy Division and Sequence framework...

Stratigraphic Excursion Guidebook in the Yangtze Gorges Region

Author : YICHANG INSTITUTE OF GEOLOGY AND MINERAL RESOURCES Language : Chinese and English bilingual Published on: 1987-01 Hardcover

The Evolution of the Tethys in China and Adjacent Regions

Author : HUANG JIQING (T.K. HUANG) Language : Chinese and English bilingual Published on: 1987-01 Hardcover

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