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Aspects of Loess Research

Author : Liu Tungsheng Language : English Published on: 1987-01 Hardcover I. Loss,Palaeosol and Palaeoenvironment II. Stratigraphy and Chronology...

China Sinian-Ordovician Paleogeography,Cyclicity-Rhythm&Sedimentary Dynamics

Author : Meng Xianghua and Ge Ming Language : English Published on: 1996-01 Hardcover

Devonian to Triassic Tethys in western Yunnan , China

Author : Fang Niangian Language : Chinese Published on: 1996-01 Hardcover

Geochemistry of Strata-Bound Deposit in China

Author : Tu Guangzhi Language : English 1996; Hardcover;187X260 mm;656 This book consists of 27 chapters organized into two parts: the first part...

Land Resources In The Loess Plateau Of China

Author : Zhu Xianmo Language : Chinese and English bilingual Published on: 1986-01 Hardcover 1. Basic Facts of The Loess Plateau (1) Geographic...

Loess and Evolution of Paleoclimate

Author : Shi Jiansheng Language : Chinese with English summary ISBN/ISSN : 9787116026810 Published on: 1998-01 Hardcover 1. Preface 2. Introduction...

Loess Deposit in China

Author : Zhang Zonghu Language : Chinese Published on: 1991-01 Hardcover Chapter 1. History of Loess Deposit Study in China Chapter 2....

Loess in China

Author : Zhang Zonghu Language : Chinese with English summary 1989; Hardcover;260x185mm;224 pages Table of Contents 1. Historical Review of...

Loess in China

Author : Wang Yongyan Language : English 1980; Hardcover;270x295mm; Northwest China is the most developed region of loess in the world where loess...

Loess in China (2nd Edition)

Author : Liu Tungsheng Language : English Published on: 1985-01 Hardcover The distribution, deposition, composition and texture of loess in China is...

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