Animal Environment And Welfare-Proceedings Of International Symposium


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Author: Jiqin-Ni&Tingzhi-Lin&Chaoyuan-Wang
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787109210226
Published on: 2015-10


ThemeⅠ: Environmental Monitoring and Assessment for Modern Animal Production
Thermal Environmental Index for Productivity of Rabbits
in Different Housing Systems
Preferred Environmental Temperature of Group-Housed Sows Fed
with High Heat-Increment Diets
Systematic Evaluation of Heat Stress Impact and Selection of Abatement Systems
Cooling Effect of Fabric Air Ducting System for Loose Housing
Dairy Cows in an Open-Sided Barn
Evaluation of Temperature-Humidity Index in a Growing-Finishing Pig Bedding System
Odour Concentrations and Emissions at Two Manure-Belt Egg Layer Houses in the U.S.
Effects of Air Temperature, Velocity and Floor Type on Gaseous
Emissions from a Scale Model of Dairy Open Lots
An Innovative Ventilation Monitoring System at a Pig Experimental Building
Design and Validation of an Artificial Reference Cow for Breath
Measurements of Cows in the Cubicles
Computational Fluid Dynamics Analyzing the Air Velocity in
a Mechanically-Ventilated Broiler Housing
Measurement of Thermal Environment Uniformity within
High Density Stacked-Cage Layer House
Spatial Distribution of Ammonia Emission Density As Impacted by Poultry
and Swine Production in North Carolina of the U.S.
Theme Ⅱ: Environmental Control for Modern Animal Production
On-farm Evaluation of Wood Bark-based Biofilters for Reduction of
Odor,Ammonia, and Hydrogen Sulfide Emissions
Some Approaches for Reducing Methane Emissions from Ruminants
Reducing the Concentrations of Airborne Pollutants
in Different Livestock Buildings
Evaluation of Methods to Assess the Effectiveness of Different
Ventilation Systems in Livestock Buildings: A Review
Re-Design of Ventilation System of a Newly-Converted Grouped
Sow Housing Facility Using Computer Simulation
Using Smart Ventilation Approaches for Complex Environmental
Issues in Farm Animal Housing
Study on Pig Manure Odor Removal Efficacy by Wormcast Packing
Theme Ⅲ: Manure Management and Utilization to Reduce Environmental Impact
Analysis of Nitrogen Cycle in Jiangxi Yufeng Beef Cattle Farm
Application of Livestock Manure to Corn Fields in Comparison
with Commercial Fertilizer Application
Co-digestion of Enteromorpha and Chicken Manure for Enhancing Methane Production
Combination of Electrolysis and Microalgae Cultivation
to Treat Effluent from Anaerobic Digestion of Poultry Manure
Two-stage Microalgae Cultivation Using Diluted Effluent of Anaerobic
Digestion to Remove Ammonia Nitrogen and Phosphorus
Overview of United States and European Union Manure Management and Application Regulations
Theme Ⅳ: Animal Behavior, Welfare, and Health
Farm Auditing of Animal Welfare and the Environment in the US
——An Overview Provided Based on Experience
Animal Sound...Talks! Real-time Sound Analysis for Health Monitoring in Livestock
Techniques for Measuring Animal Physiological and Behavioral Responses
with Respect to the Environment
Influence of Group Size and Space Allowance on Production Performance
and Mixing Behavior of Weaned Piglets
Assessment of Lighting Needs by Laying Hens via Preference Test
Effect of Group Size on Mating Behaviour of Layer Breeders and the Fertility of Eggs
Theme Ⅴ: Animal Production Management and Welfare
Animal Welfare and Food Production in the 21 st Century: Scientific and
Social Responsibility Challenges
Improving Farm Animal Productivity and Welfare, by Increasing Skills and
Knowledge of Stock People
Alternative Gestation Housing for Sows: Reproductive Performance, Welfare and Economic Efficiency
Dealing with Airborne Transmission of Animal Diseases A Review
Modeling Disinfection of Vehicle Tires Inoculated with Enteric Pathogens
on Animal Farms Using Response Surface Methodology
Experiences with Precision Livestock Farming in European Farms
Theme Ⅵ: Animal Production Systems, Equipment, and Techniques
Coalition for a Sustainable Egg Production Project A Holistic Approach
to Address Egg Production Systems
An Automated Tracking and Monitoring System for Laying-Hen Behavioral Research
in an Enriched Colony System
Effect of Weakly Alkaline Electrolyzed Water on Production Performance,Egg
Quality and Biochemical Parameters of Layers
Alternative Approaches for Bedding Materials Used in the Housing of Dairy Calves and Cows
Using Broiler Sound Frequency to Model Weight
Technical Resources for Swine Production Systems in the U.S.
Boosting the Economic Returns of Goose Breeding and Developing the Industry
by Controlled Phntoperiod for Out-of-Season Reproduction

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