Methane Emissions From Unique Wetlands In China


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Author: Huai-Chen
Language: Chinese
ISBN/ISSN: 9787040410013
Published on: 2015-01
Soft Cover

This book is intended to introduce CH4 fluxes from wetlands to climate ma—nagers,policy makers,practicing scientists,modellists,advanced undergraduatestudents,beginning graduate students from a wide array of disciplines,such asecologG climatology,geographyj forestry,microbiology,etc.We also provideaccess to the rapidly expanding literature in CH4 fluxes of wetlands in Chinathat contribute to fully understanding of the budget of CH4 fluxes of wetlandsin China and their trends. 

Chapter 1 Methane is an Important Greenhouse Gas
1.1 Methane as an Important Greenhouse Gas
1.2 Methane Emission Processes in Wetlands
1.3 Wetlands as an Important Source of Methane
1.4 Briefly Advances in Studies about Methane Emissions from Wetlands in China
1.5 Zoige Alpine Wetlands and Methane Emissions
1.6 Three Gorges Reservoir and Methane Emissions
1.7 Objectives
Chapter 2 Methane Emissions from Zoige Alpine Wetlands
2.1 Diurnal Variation of Methane Emissions from an Alpine Wetland
2.1.1 Introduction
2.1.2 Materials and Methods
2.1.3 Results
2.1.4 Discussion
2.1.5 Conclusions
2.2 Determinants Influencing Seasonal Variations of Methane Emissions from Alpine Wetlands in Zoige Plateau and Their Implications
2.2.1 Introduction
2.2.2 Materials and Methods
2.2.3 Results
2.2.4 Discussion
2.2.5 Conclusions
2.3 Spatial Variations on Methane Emissions from Zoige Alpine Wetlands
2.3.1 Introduction
2.3.2 Materials and Methods
2.3.3 Results
2.3.4 Discussion
2.3.5 Conclusions
2.4 Methane Effluxes from Littoral Zone of a Lake on Qinghai—Tibetan Plateau
2.4.1 Introduction
2.4.2 Materials and Methods
2.4.3 Results
2.4.4 Discussion
2.5 Methane Fluxes from Alpine Wetlands of Zoige Plateau in Relation to Water Regime and Vegetation under Two Scales
2.5.1 Introduction
2.5.2 Materials and Methods
2.5.3 Results
2.5.4 Discussion
2.5.5 Conclusions
2.6 Inter—annual Variations of Methane Emission from an Open Fen on Qinghai—Tibetan Plateau: a Three—year Study
2.6.1 Introduction
2.6.2 Materials and Methods
2.6.3 Results
2.6.4 Discussion
Chapter 3 Methane Emissions from Three Gorges Reservoir
3.1 Methane Emissions from Newly Created Marshes in Drawdown Area of Three Gorges Reservoir
3.1.1 Introduction
3.1.2 Materials and Methods
3.1.3 Results
3.1.4 Discussion
3.2 Methane Emissions from Surface of Three Gorge Dam Reservoir
3.2.1 Introduction
3.2.2 Materials and Methods
3.2.3 Results and Discussions
Chapter 4 Methanogens and Methanogensis in Zoige Wetlands
4.1 Methanogenic Communities in Zoige Wetlands
4.1.1 Methanogenic Communities Composition in Zoige Wetlands
4.1.2 New Methanogenic Species in Zoige Wetlands
4.2 Influencing Factors of Methanogenic Community Structure in Zoige Wetlands
4.2.1 Vegetation Type
4.2.2 Temperature
4.2.3 Declining Precipitation
Chapter 5 Methane Emissions from Rice Paddies, Natural Wetlands and Lakes in China
5.1 CH4 Emission Rates from Rice Paddies in China
5.1.1 Rice Cultivation in China and Overview of Its CH4 Emission Estimates
5.1.2 CH4 Emissions from Rice Paddies in China
5.2 CH4 Emission Rates from Natural Wetlands in China
5.2.1 Natural Wetlands in China and Overview of Their CH4 Emission Estimates
5.2.2 CH4 Emissions from Natural Wetlands in China
5.3 CH4 Emission Rates from Lakes and Reservoirs in China
5.3.1 Lakes and Reservoirs in China and Overview of Their CH4 Emission Estimates
5.3.2 CH4 Emission Rates from Lakes and Reservoirs in China
5.4 CH4 Emission Rate Estimation
5.4.1 CH4 Emission Rate Estimation from Rice Paddies in China
5.4.2 CH4 Emission Estimation from Natural Wetlands in China
5.4.3 CH4 Emission Estimates from Lakes and Reservoirs in China
5.4.4 Total CH4 Emissions from Rice Paddies, Wetlands and Lakes in China
5.5 Limitations, Uncertainties and Future Directions
Chapter 6 Modelling Methane Emissions of Wetlands in China
6.1 Overview of Methane Emission Modelling
6.2 Wetland Methane Emission Model Construction
6.2.1 Integrated Biosphere Simulator and Water Table Modelling
6.2.2 Methane Module
6.3 Wetland Methane Emission Model Validation and Sensitivity Analysis
6.3.1 Sensitivity Index for Initial Sensitivity Analysis
6.3.2 Initial Sensitivity Analysis
6.3.3 Model Performance in China

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