China Trans-Century Green Project

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Author: National Environmental Protection Agency
Language: English
Published on: 1997-01

This book deals with environmental protection plan for key waters, atmospheric, solid waste pollution control, ecological environment, key sectors, global environmental problems.

It deals with present status, objectives and projects in each chapter. In the end of the book is The Name list of Leading Group and Working Group Working Out China Trans-Century Green Project.

Chapter 1: Review
1.1 Preface
1.2 Principles on formulation of China Trans-Centrury Green Project
1.3 The Contents and Source of Funding
1.4 The Designed results of Green Project Plan

Chapter 2: Environmental Protection Plan for Key Waters
2.1 Environmental Protection Plan for the Seven Major Valleys
2.2 Environmental Protection Plan for the Three Big Lakes
2.3 Environmental Protection Plan for Key Coastal Cities and Offshore

Chapter 3: Atmospheric Environment Protection Plan for Key Regions
3.1 Plan for SO2 Controlled Regions and Acid Rain Controlled Regions
3.2 Plan of Air Pollution Control for Key Cities

Chapter 4 Plan for Solid Waste Pollution Control
4.1 Waste Pollution Status
4.2 Projects
4.3 Desired Results

Chapter 5 Ecological Environment Protection Plan
5.1 Status of Ecological Environment
5.2 Objectives
5.3 Projects
5.4 Desired Results

Chapter 6 Environmental Protection Plan for Key Sectors
6.1 Objectives and Major Sectors
6.2 Projects

Chapter 7 Action Plan for the Control of Global Environmental Problems
7.1 Present Status and Objectives
7.2 Projects

Chapter 8 National Capacity Building for Environment Supervision and
8.1 Current Status
8.2 Priorities

Appendix 6.1 Project of Environmental Protection in Zhejiang Province

The Namelist of Leading Group and Working Group Working out China Trans-Century Green Project

The List of Unit Submission Project Plan

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