Early and Middle Cambrian Acritarchs From the Southwestern China


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Author: Yin Fengjuan
Language: Chinese
Published on: 2000-01

The research on the Cambrian acritarch has been going on for about 70 years, but both extensive and intensive research has been restricted to those in Europe and North Ameriea. The similar investigation of acritarch in China started rather late and has been chiefly focused on the boundary between Precambrian-Cambrian and Cambrian-Ordovician, and there is no report on the research on the acritarch from the mid and late parts of the Early Cambrian to Middle Cambrian. In this paper, 7 sections found in the southwestern region of China are chosen and the acritarch in the Early and Middle Cambrian are investigated with a fruitful result, filling in a wide gap in both time range and its regional distribution in these areas.

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