Early and Middle Jurassic Strata and Their Floras from Northeastern Border of Qaidam Basin, Qingha


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Author: Edited by Li Peijuan et al
Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: 7305002089
Published on: 1988-01

The Qaidam Basin is situated in northwestern Qinghai Province, where the Jurassic coal-bearing strata are distributed in the northeastern basin borders and on both sides of Mt.Aimunike, ranging from the Ledong River in the west to the Zawuzui of Wulan County in the east, covering a zonal area of abouth 350km in length. The Jurassic coal-bearing deposits in Dameigou area of Da Qaidam are well-developed, with complete outcropping, simple structure and clear sequence. This area is rich in plant fossils, a part of which are preserved as compression with some carbonaceous films (cuticles) which could be examined microscopically. It is an excellent and representative section in the study of the Lower and Middle Jurassic Series as well as their floras and floral interchanges in Northwest China.
The fossil plants are much more abundant in the studied area, about 206 species belonging to 66 genera being identified. Here are described and illustrated about 188 species with 42 new species in 63 genera. ……


1.Simplex history of research
2.Brief account of stratigraphy
3.stratigraphy section
4.Synopsis of Caishilling Formation
5.Characteristics of petrological stratigraphy
6.Palaeocurrent on Early and Middle Jurassic coal-bearing strata
7.Discussion on some problem
Description of Genera and Species
Discussion on floras
1.Charaqcteristics of Jurassic floras and division, correlation, ages of their assemblages
2.Coniopteris-phoenicopsis floras of China
Inquisition of Paleoenvironment
Latin-Chinese index of desriptive genera and species
Explanation of plates

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