Earthquake Prognostics Strategy Against the Impact of Impending Earthquakes

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Author: Andreas Vogel ,Zhu Yueqing,et al
Language: English
Published on: 1998-01

Section I Earthquake Generating Processes

1.Convection Tectonics-causative View on Global Tectonics and Earthquake Activity
2.Study on the Entire Tectonic Environment in a Seismogenic Area-An Essential Clue to Searching for Seismotectonic Indicators of potential Earthquake Sources
3.On the Generation Dynamics and Source Processes of a Specific Pattern of Intra Continental Large Earthquakes
4.The Neotectonic Zones and Tectonic Background of Large Earthquakes
5.Lunar-Solar Periodicities of Large Earthquakes in the Himalaya Belt

Section II Surveillance and Modeling of Earthquake Source Processes
1.Radon Monitoring and Earthquake Activity
2.The Surveying Result on Qinghai Crustal Tilt Observation System and the Seismic Activity in West Sichuan, China
3.A Study on Earthquake Prognostics Reflected by tectonic Waves
4.Rotation and Rotation Moment
5.Self-Organization and Evolution of Seismicity
6.The Influence of Stiffness of the True Triaxial testing machine on the Rupturing and Acoustic Emission of Rocks and its Correlation with Seismic Activities
7.Slow Fracture Tests of Large-Scale Rocks
8.Reservoir Induced Earthquakes and Prediction
9.A Private Satellite Data telecommunication Network for Seismic Information Services
10.Strong Motion Surveillance in Urban and Industrial Areas
11.Earthquake Dynamics control Networks-Surveillance of Earthquake generation , Alert Warning and Rapid Emergency Control

Section III Earthquake Hazard Assessment
1.An Intelligence Aided System for Estimating Seismicity Tendency
2.Seismicity Monitoring Model for the Appraisal of Energy Potentiality of Large Earthquakes at Subduction Zones
3.Physical Basis and Methods for Estimating Three Parameters of a Strong Earthquake
4.A Method of Determining the Annual occurrence the Annual Occurrence Rates of Potential Source Areas
5.Attenuation Laws Considering the Randomness of Magnitude and Distance

Section IV Risk Analysis and Evaluation
1.Utilizing Modern Digital Signal Processing for Improvement of Large Scale Shaking Table Performance
2.Man-computer System for prediction of Earthquake Damage to Existing Buildings in a City
3.Simulation of Soil-Pile Interaction of Marine Pile-Supported Structures Under Earthquake Motion
4.Development of the European Codes for Earthquake Resistant Design

Section V Preventive Measures of protection, Loss Reduction and Emergency Response
1.Reduction of Earthquake Induced Vibration of Buildings by passive and Active Damping
2.Reliable Pipelines with GISTAKEB CRO 100
3.Technical Manual on Reinforcing Adobe Housing in the Coastal and Mountain Zones of Peru
4.Digital Satellite Communication Network of a Seismological Information System and its Function in Disaster Relief
5.The Exposure of the Insurance Industry to Earthquakes in California
6.Earthquake Insurance premium Calculation Based on Expected Loss Percentages
7.The Use of New satellite Earth Observation Data for Disaster management Appklicaitons

Section VI The Lijiang Earthquake of Feb.03, 1996- Some Experiences
1.Analysis of the tectonic Background for the Lijiang M=7.0 Earthquake
2.The Evolution Process of Long-, Medium-, Short-Term and impending Seismological Anomalies before the Lijiang Earthquake on February. 3, 1996
3.The M=7.0 Lijiang Earthquake in Yunnan on February 3, 1996
4.Statistics of Damage and Evaluation of Losses for Lijiang County Town in the Earthquake of February 03, 1996
5.Seismic Risk Degree G(I) - A Method to Identify Strengthening Standards of Earthquake Engineering
6.Striving to Reduce Earthquake Losses by Strengthening the Capacity of Withstanding Earthquake Disasters Constantly
7.Tendency Estimation fo Earthquake Disasters - A Method of Disaster Mitigation Derived from the Lijiang Earthquake
8.Reconstruction Decision Make Following a Strong Earthquake

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