Fossil Ostracoda of China (Vol.1)-Superfamilies Cypridacea and Darwinulidacea


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Author: Hou Youtang, Gou Yunxian
Language: Chinese with English summary
Published on: 2002-01

In this book , the taxis and phylogeny of Cypridacea and Darwinulidacea were studied and a phylogenetic diagram was platted was plotted. It is shown , that the content of the past classification was really supplemented. The muscle scars of the type-genus of each family included in these two superfamilies are diagramed and explained. The living environment of non-marine ostracod fauna and the living habit of some important genera and species are generally explained. Based on the regularity of distribution in the strata the fossil ostracod assemblages were erected by the Chinese ostracodologists. After a general discussion and analysis, a new revised sequence of non-marine ostracod assemblages is established in this book. Thus the subdivision, correlation and classification of strata, depend upon ostracods, are rather reasonable and more scientific.

In this book 127 genera and 1863 species including in the superfamilies Cypridacea and Darwinulidacea were revised and redescribed. Among them, there are 124 genera respectively belonging to 17 families (6 are new ) and 13 subfamilies (2 are new ) of superfamily Cypridacea; 1 of the other 3 genera belonging to family Darwinulidae and 2 belonging to Panxianidae of superfamily Darwinulidacea.

1. Distribution, classification and evolution of Cypridacea and Darwinulidacea
2. Microstructure in some genera of Cypridacea and Darwinulidacea
3. Distribution and their living environment of Cypridacea and Darwinulidacea
4. Non-marine fossil ostracod assemblages, geological ages of fossil-bearing
strata and relative problems
5. Fossil ostracod assemblages and evolution
6. Applying modern methods and techniques to study fossil ostracods in China
7. Conclusion
8. Systematic classification and description
9. References
10.Index and list of genera and species
11.Plates and explanations

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