Geochemistry of Noble Gases in Natural Gases

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Author: Xu Yongchang & Liu Wenhui
Language: English
Published on: 1996-01

In this book, the authors pay much attention to the geochemistry of holium and argon, give a comprehensive discussion to the abundance distribution, composition and controlling factors of helium and argon in natural gases from the major oil-and gas-bearing basins in China, propose their two principal genesis types(i.e. mantle/crust composite one and crust source one) and expound in detail their chronologic accumulation effects. On the basis of the studies above, the authors further present a new series of formulae for calculating the souirce rock age of crust source bearing basins in China. Meanwhile, the authors point out the control of tectonic movement on the compositions and isotopes of noble gases and their distribution characteristics and the role of the compositions and isotopes as the tracers of the history of a tectonic movement.

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