New Progress on Roller Compacted Concrete Dams-Proceedings of the 5th International Symposium on Roller Compacted Concrete Dams (2007 ,Guiyang China)


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Author: Jia Jinsheng
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 9787508449944
Published on: 2007-01

This volume presents the current state-of-art of the design, construction and operation ofRCC dams in different countries, as well as the innovative methods and techniques indesign and construction, offering an overall view of its concepts, development andinnovation of RCC dams. Subjects covered in this book include new trends, planning anddesign, materials, numerical analysis, construction, operation and performance of RCCdams. as well as development of CSG and other RCC applications in hydraulic structures.The Book will be of particular interest to professionals, dam engineers, managers and alsoorganization responsible for dam management.

From the first experiences of Roller Compacted Concrete (RCC) dams began in 1978,there has been a high speed development of RCC technology applied in dam construction throughout the world for the important advantages of being more economical and more efficient. At the end of 2006 there were over 380 large (H>15m) RCC dams either completed or under construction throughout the World. The first RCC dam over 200m in height (Longtan in China) is about to be completed followed by another two or three of the similar height recently. There is now enough confidence in well- desigened RCC dams of 200m high, which can help to achieve an adequate balance between safety, economy and environmental protection.

Table of Contents
Measures for the Termination of the History of "No Concrete Dam Without Cracking"
Overview of RCC Dams at the End of 2006
RCC Dams in Spain
A High RCC Dam with Low Grade Aggregates
The Technology Development of RCC Dam Construction in China
Effect of Foundation Condition on Static and Dynamic Behaviour of Proposed
Nam Theun 1 RCC Arch-gravity Dam in Laos
A New Model for the Behaviour of Roller Compacted Concrete in Dams under Early Thermal Loading
Detail Design and Construction Considerations in Jegin RCC Dam
Distributed Fibre Optic Temperature Measurements - a Competitive Alternative for Temperature
Monitoring in Large RCC Dams
Safety of RCC Gravity Dams over 200 m Considering Hydraulic Fracturing
Theme 1: New Trends
Key Technology for Temperature Control and Anti-crack for Longtan RCC Dam
Grouting Temperature and Thermal Load of RCC Arch Dam
 Scenario of RCC Dams in Pakistan, Selection of RCC Dam for Bunji Hydropower
 Project (a Case Study)
 An Overview of the Development of the Yeywa Hydropower Project, Myanmar
 RCC Field Water Pressure Test and Permeability Research
 Desing Concepts of Formwork for RCC Dams
 A Fragility Curve Model for RCC Gravity Dams
 The RCC Double-curvature Arch Dam of Linhekou Hydropower P~oject
 Taishir RCC Dam in Mongolia
 RCC Dams - Inclined Internal Drain Holes
 Simulation Design and New Structure of RCC Arch Dam
 New Alternative Method for Bonding RCC Layers
 Study on High-intensity RCC and Aggregate Production Workmanship for Longtan Dam
 Zirdan RCC Dam, Lessons Learned
 Comparative Analysis of the Results of the Laboratory/Field Shear Strength Tests of Longtan RCC
 Application of MgO Content to RCC Arch Dam
Theme 2: Planning and Design
 A General Face of Study on Key Techniques for the Design of Longtan High RCC Dam
 Design Consideration of Badovli RCC Dam
 Temperature Control for RCC Dam at Longtan Hydropower Station
 The Dinh Binh RCC Dam in Vietnam
 Major Technical Problems in Jin'anqiao Hydropower Project
 Exposure Time Between Lifts at RCC Dams. A New Method Use at "EL Esparragar' Spanish Dam
 Design and Practice of Zhaolaihe Roller Compacted Concrete Double-curvature Thin Arch Dam
 Temperature-Control Design and Statistics and Analysis of Monitoring Data of Longtan High RCC Dam
Theme 3: Materials
Theme 4: Numerical Analysis
Theme 5: Construction,Operation and Performance
Theme 6: Development of CSG and Other RCC Applications

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