Ninth International Workshop on Neutrino Telescopes: (in 2 Volumes)

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Author: Milla Baldo Ceolin
Language: English
Published on: 2001-01

The present volumes contain the Proceedings of the Ninth International Workshop on “Neutrino Telescopes”, held in Venice at the “Istituto Veneto di Scienze, Lettrer ed Arti” from March 9, 2001. Following the tradition of the meeting the physics programme include various topics related to neutrino physics, also in connection with present and future experimental facilities. A wide range of subjects- such as neutrino general properties, solar and atmospheric neutrinos, neutrinos at reactors and accelerators, dark matter and ultra high energy particle searches- were reviewed and discussed from an experimental and theoretical point of view, providing very exciting perspectives for crucial new information in the fields of particle physics, astroparticle physics and cosmology.

Puzzles in Astrophysics in the Past Present
Lepton Physics and CP Violation
The Ten Challenges of Subnuclear Physics
Solar Neutrino Experiments: A Review
Solar Neutrino Results from Super-Kamiokande
News from HELLAZ
Atmospheric Neutrinos: New Results from Super-Kamiokande
Global Analysis of Neutrino Oscillation Data
A New Fit to Solar Neutrino Using Extra Dimensions
Collider Verification of the Neutrino Mass Matrix in Two Scenarios
Neutrino Oscillations with LSND and MiniBooNE
Limits on Oscillations from the KARMEN Experiment
The Oak Ridge Laboratory for Neutrino Detectors: Its Relation to Neutrino Telescopes
Results from K2K
Long Baseline Accelerator Experiment in United States and Europe
Atmospheric Experiments
Atmospheric Neutrino Sources: A Review
What have we learned about Neutrinos?
Models of Neutrino Masses and Mixings
Implications of Neutrino Oscillations for Gauge Unification
Sterile Neutrinos, Mirror Universe and Large Extra Dimensions
Status of Gravitational Wave Experiments
The “5 bars” G. W. Observatory: Results and Perspectives
Supernova Type II Dynamics and Neutrino Detection
Proton Decay, Review and Future Prospects
Vol. II
Neutrino Factory Manifesto
Neutrino Oscillation Physics at a Neutrino Factory
Studying Matter Effects in Very Long Baseline Neutrino Oscillation Experiments
Neutrino Factory: Experimental Aspects
Neutrino Factories: Detector Concepts
Physics Potential of Very Intense Conventional Neutrino Beams
Kilometer-Scale High Energy Neutrino Beams
The Possible Origin of Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays
High Energy Cosmic Ray and Accelerator Cross Sections Reconciled
The AUGER Experiment
EUSO: Using High Energy Cosmic Rays and Neutrinos as Messengers from the Unknown Universe
Results from AMANDA
Status Report on the ANTARES Project
A Search for Very High Energy Neutrinos with the BAIKAL Neutrino Telescope
Some Uses of Neutrinos Telescopes
Possibility to Detect the Cosmic Neutrino Background with EECR Neutrinos
High-Energy Neutrinos and Hard r-Rays in Coincidence with Gamma Ray Bursts
Neutrino Oscillations, Rare Processes and a Warped Extra Dimensions
Cosmology as Seen from Venice
Latest Results from the Cosmic Microwave Background Anisotropy
The Inflationary Universe
Largest Temperature of the Radiation Era and Neutrinos as Warm Dark Master
Dark Matter and Particle Physics
What’s Next in Accelerator Particle Physics?
List of Participants
List of Authors

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