Palaeontologia Sinica (New Series A,Whole Number 139,No.5)Older Mesozoic Plants from the Yenchang Formation, Northern Shensi ( 1 copy)


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Author: Si Xingjian
Language: Chinese
1956; Hardcover;300x230mm;217

Table of Contents


2. Descriptio of species
(1) Bryophyta
(2) Pteridophyta
(3) Gymnospermae
(4) Problematica
(5) Roots

3. Conclusion
(1) Botanical character of the flora
(2) Localities and vertical distribution of the flora
(3) Correlation and Age of the Flora
(4) The Age of the Mesozic Formations of Northern Shensi
(5) Major Divisions of the Chinese Mesozoic from the viewpoint of floral evolution
(6) Relations between the Yenchang flora and the Gondwana flora
(7) Thickness and lithological Character of the Yenchang Formation, Northern Shensi

4. Explanation of Plants


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