Palaeozoic Fossils of Northern Xinjiang, China


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Language: Chinese with English summary
ISBN/ISSN: 7305017434
Published on: 1999-01

Palaeozoic Fossils of Northern Xinjiang, China This book contains five papers.

1.On the Miospore Assemblages of the Heishantou Formation at Aherbruckomha in Hoboksar, Xinjiang, with Additional Reference to the Transition Stratum from Devonian to Carboniferous
2. Famenian-Tournaisian Bryozoans of the Aergati Mt., NW Xingjiang
3. Some Palaeozoic Tabulate Corals from Northern Xinjiang
4. Emsian Brachiopods with Reference to the Palaeobiogeographic Provincialism and Plate Tectonics in the Junggar Basin of Xinjiang
5. Discovery of Brachiopods from the Hujiersite Formation in West Junggar and its Significane

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