Proceedings of International Symposium on Sedimentation on the Continental Shelf With Special Reference to The East China Sea (April 12-16, 1983, Hanzhou,China)

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Author: Acta Oceanologica Sinica
Language: English
Published on: 1983-01

The symposium on Sedimentation on the Continental Shelf marks a special event for scientists and sedimentologists. It is the first international marine sedimentation meeting held in the People’s Republic of China. As such it presents an excellent opportunity for Chinese scientists and those from Europe. North America and other Asian countries to interact with each other and exchange ideas on themes of common interests. The symposium bring to focus the sediment dynamics and sea bottom oceanography in the Changjiang Estuary and its adjacent continental shelf. For the purpose of the symposium, we have divided the papers concerning the joint program in a number of different subject headings, each dealing with a different aspect of the estuary and continental shelf. Moreover, we have included a number of papers dealing with aspects of continental shelf sedimentation and oceanography apart from the East China Sea. These latter papers serve as effective counterpoints to the main area emphasis.


1.Report of General Meeting (9 papers)
2.Hydrology of Estuary (5 papers)
3.Chemistry of Estuary (7 papers)
4.Hydrology of Continental Shelf (11 papers)
5.Suspended Matter (9 papers)
6.Sedimentation and Sedimentation Rate of the Continental Shelf (12 papers)
7.Sedimentation and Geomorphology of Continental Shelf and Estuary (9 papers)
8.Geochemistry (9 papers)
9.Benthoorganisms (7 papers)
10.Sedimentation of Other Continental Shelf( 4 papers)

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