Summary Catalog of Chinese Earthquake of Different Historical Periods(2300 B.C. to A.D.1989)- Editorial Notes and Directions for Use

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Author: Chen Jinbiao
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7502814817
Published on: 1999-01

Chapter 1 Description of the Summary Catalog

1.1 General situation of Chinese earthquake catalog data
1.2 Compilation principles of earthquake catalogs
1.3 Format of parameter items in the summary catalog
1.4 Features of the Summary Catalog
1.5 Practical editing program and computer system command

Chapter 2 Directions for use

2.1 Data restoration
2.2 Practical program for earthquake retrieval

Chapter 3 Some application results of the Summary Catalog

1.1 Earthquake distribution during different periods
1.2 Geographical distribution of earthquakes
1.3 Depth distribution of earthquake foci
1.4 Distribution of earthquake magnitudes
1.5 Analysis of earthquake sequences in the Summary Catalog
1.6 Concluding remarks

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