The Medium Effect on Chemical Processes in Ocean

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Author: Zhang Zhengbin Liu Liansheng
Language: English
ISBN/ISSN: 7502739955/O.62
Published on: 1994-01

This book mainly discusses what role seawater as the most complicated natural aquatic medium on earth is going to play on what effect it is going to cause chemical processes in the ocean. At the same time, this publication is a continuation of “Theory of Interfacial stepwise Ion/Coordination Particle Exchange and its Applications” (1985) and “Marine Physical Chemistry” (1989), as well as a summary of the latest achievement of our laboratory in recent years. The new record-breaking achievements are mainly:
1.The systems of study have expand and developed from exchange adsorption of metal cations to that of anions and organics; from simple binary exchange products to the formation of ternary interfacial complexes.
2.In those years, the experiment basis of “Theory of Interfacial Stepwise Ion/Coordination Particle Exchange” was the “stepwise-type isotherm”. In recent decades, we found besides “stepwise-type chemical kinetic curve” in our experiments, and these were later verified by infrared spectroscopy. This made the experiment basis of theory of stepwise exchange adsorption suggested by us earlier more extensive, systematic, solid and reliable. It is the best one of the three great theories enjoying popularity in the world now.
3.The most important achievement in this volume is in summarizing the medium effects on chemical processes in ocean from a large number of experiments. We mainly studied three kinds of effects:
(1)Organic Effect
(2)pH Effect
(3)Salinity Effect
We deeply believe that the discovery and study of “The medium Effect on Chemical Processes in Ocean” will promote the development of marine physical chemistry and even marine chemistry itself.


Part I Introduction
Part II The Effect of Organics
Part III The Effect of pH
Part IV The Ionic Strength Effect
Part V Recent Development of the Theory of interfacial Stepwise Icon/Coordination Particle Exchange

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