The Mitigation of Geological Disaster-Proceedings of the 1994 International Workshop and Field Investigation on Geological Disaster

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Author: Li Qinghe
Language: English
Published on: 1996-01

1. The Characteristics of Violent Earthquake Disaster
2. Earthquake Disaster Zoning in Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region
3. Historical Earthquakes and Landslide Resistance, Disaster Mitigation
4. The Deep crustal Structure: Implication and Bigger Earthquakes in the Western and Southwestern Margin of Erduos, China
5. New Methods of Possible Seismic Failures Location mapping (Abstract)
6. Environmental Hazards: Directive Management and Real Damage (Abstract)
7. Field Investigations on Rock Slides along the Reservoirs of the Aliakmon River in Greece
8. The Developing Mechanism and Stability Analysis of the Slope Disaster on the North Slope of the Lishan Mountain, Lintong
9. An Analysis of Effect Factors of Landslides
10. Introduction to "Practical Grade Table of Landslide"
11. Application of the Geophysical Methods in the Exploration of Collapse Columns
12. Some Problems of Engineering Geology on Highway in Underground Mined Area
13. Landslide Hazards and its Distribution Features of Time and Space in Shaanxi Province
14. Study on a System of Survey, Measurement, Analysis and Design for Landslides Control (Abstract)
15. Technogeneous Physical Impact as a Cause of Landslides (Abstract)
16. Determination of Erosion Rate in Catchments of Torrents as a Basis for Hazard Zoning and Design of Constructions
17. An Approach to Debris Flow in Miaojiaba Reservoir Area in Wenxian County, Gansu, China
18. Mud Flow in the Loess Plateau
19. Debris flow and slope Failure at RYU-GA-MIZU District, Kagoshima City Japan on August, 1993 (Abstract)
20. Dendrogeomorphological Analysis of Debris Flows (Abstract(
21. Ground Fissure Disaster and Countemeasures to it
22. Researh on Ground Fissure at Outside of Hepingmen, Xi'an City
23. Research on the Background of Geologic Disasters and Prevntative Counter-measures in Weibei Coalmine Field, Shaanxi
24. The Ways of Research on Failure zones by Blasting
25. Deformation Control System in Large Engineering Building Foundations (Abstract)

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